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Table 1 Overview of Nrf2-interacting factors in cancer cell lines

From: Targeting Nrf2 may reverse the drug resistance in ovarian cancer

Gene Effects on Nrf2 Effects on cell Tumor model Resistance to References
P62 Activator Protective SKOV3/DDP Cisplatin [48]
CD99 Activator Protective A2780,COC1/DDP Cisplatin [50, 51]
ABCF2 Activator Protective A2780 Cisplatin [52]
ATF2 Inhibitor Cytotoxic SKOV3 Cisplatin [53]
AKR1C1 Activator Protective Platinum [54]
SIRT5 Activator Protective A2780,SKOV3,CAOV3 Cisplatin [55]
SLC40A1 Inhibitor Cytotoxic A2780CP,PEO4,COC1/DDP Cisplatin [56]
HER1 Activator Protective PEO1, SKOV3, and OVCAR3 lapatinib and erlotinib [82]
HER2/HER3 Activator Protective PEO4,OVCAR4,SKOV3 Pertuzumab/Trastuzumab/Docetaxel [80]
ABCG2 Activator Protective SKOV3 Mppa-PDT [89]
GPX4 Activator Protective AMC-HN2–11/SNU Ferroptosis [92, 93]
CBS Activator Protective SKOV3 and OVCA429 Ferroptosis [94]
 Brusatol Inhibitor Cytotoxic SKOV3/HEC-1-A/A549 [96]
 Ailanthone Inhibitor Cytotoxic A2780/CP70 Cisplatin [97]
 Ascorbic acid Inhibitor Cytotoxic KCL22/SR; Hela Imatinib;cisplatin / adriamycin [98, 99]
 Apigenin Inhibitor Cytotoxic BEL-7402/ADM Doxorubicin [100]