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Table 4 Specifications of all antibodies used in AD-MSCs immunophenotyping and cytokine assays

From: MSCs loaded with oncolytic reovirus: migration and in vivo virus delivery potential for evaluating anti-cancer effect in tumor-bearing C57BL/6 mice

Antibody Catalogue no Company Dilutions titer
Mouse IFN-gamma DuoSet ELISA DY485-05 R & D systems Capture 4 µg/ml
Detection 400 ng/ml
Mouse IL-10 DuoSet ELISA DY417-05 R & D systems Capture 4 µg/ml
Detection 300 ng/ml
Mouse TGF-β DuoSet ELISA DY402-05 R & D systems Capture 4 µg/ml
Detection 75 ng/ml
Mouse IL-6 DuoSet ELISA DY406-05 R & D systems Capture 2 µg/ml
Detection 50 ng/ml
Anti- mouse CD34-FITC 11-0341-82 e-Bioscience 1 µg/test
Anti- mouse CD45- FITC 11-0451-82 e-Bioscience 0.5 µg/test
Anti- mouse CD29-PE 12-0291-82 e-Bioscience 1 µg/test
Anti- mouse CD73 -PE 12-0731-82 e-Bioscience 0.125 µg/test
Anti- mouse CD90-PE 12-0902-82 e-Bioscience 0.5 µg/test
Rat IgG2a kappa Isotype Control- FITC 11-4321-42 e-Bioscience 1 µg/test
Rat IgG2b kappa Isotype Control- FITC 11-4031-85 e-Bioscience 1 µg/test
Rat IgG1 Isotype Control—PE 12-4301-82 e-Bioscience 0.125 µg/test
Rat IgG2a kappa Isotype Control -PE 12-4321-80 e-Bioscience 0.5 µg/test