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Table 1 CDC27 RNA expression changes in different neoplasms

From: The importance of CDC27 in cancer: molecular pathology and clinical aspects

Neoplasm CDC27 expression changes Effect References
Gastrointestinal cancers  
 Tumoral rectum or colon tissue Upregulation CRC progression, patient’s survival [23]
Breast cancer
 Human breast cancer tissues Downregulation Prognostic biomarker [46]
 Human breast cancer tissues Upregulation Potential to explain disease recurrence [32]
 Negative breast cancer cell lines (TNBC) (MDA-MB-435 and MDA-MB-231) Downregulation Radio-responsiveness [30]
SCC of cervix
 Irradiated SiHa Downregulation Radio-responsiveness status and treatment failure [47]
 Human glia cell lines and glioma tissue Downregulation Chemoresistancy to β-lap [29]
Lung cancer
 Lung adenocarcinoma Upregulation Cell cycle progression and tumor progression [82]
 Non-small cell lung carcinoma cell line (EGR1-overexpressing H1299 cells) Downregulation Tumor progression [44]
Bladder cancer (BC)
 Cisplatin sensitive human BC cell line (T24) and cisplatin resistant BC cell line (T24R2) Upregulation Metastasis and recurrence of progressive BC [83]
  1. IHC Immunohistochemistry, SCC squamous cell carcinoma