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Table 3 The somatic variants in CDC27 associated to cancer progression

From: The importance of CDC27 in cancer: molecular pathology and clinical aspects

dbSNP rs number cDNA/protein (NM_001114091) Exon/intron position; TPR domain Effect/Neoplasm CGI classification References
rs79201963 c.1549G>A;p.E517K Exon12;TPR6 Tumorigenic roles in calcifying fibrous tumor of the pleura Tier 1 [54]
rs77095606 c.644T>G;p.L215W Exon6 Passenger
rs199899451 c.505A>T;p.K169* Exon6 Tier 1
rs796969472 c.1801C>G;p.Q601E Exon14;TPR8 NA
rs775321736 c.1795G>A;p.A599T Exon14;TPR8 Tier 1
rs796538886 c.1459T>G;p.C487G Exon12;TPR5 Tier 1
rs7350889 c.794G>A;p.G265D Exon7 Possible driver in a subset of sporadic vestibular schwannoma Passenger [53]
rs62077279 c.17A>G;p.E6G Exon1;TPR1 Potential biomarker for Osteosarcoma Tier 1 [56]
rs74628496 c.705T>C;p.I235I Exon7 Tumorigenesis/molecular pathogenesis of colon cancer NA [59]
rs747953129 501A>G;p.T167T Exon6 Polymorphism
rs77467652 c.449C>A; p.S150Y Exon4 Passenger
rs193061947 c.704T>C; p.I235T Exon7 Tumorigenesis/potential therapeutic targets in lung adenocarcinoma NA [60]
rs200611688 c.818C>G;p.A273G Exon7 Polymorphism
c.1034G>T;p.S345I Exon9 Unknown roles in Adrenocortical carcinoma Passenger [66]
rs200940073 c.1541C>T;p.A514V Exon12;TPR6 Tier 1
rs202052665 c.1504T>C;p.Y502H Exon12 Passenger
  1. NA not available, VUS Variant of Uncertain Significance