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Table 1 Functions of fibroblasts based on site of tumors

From: Fibroblasts in cancer dormancy: foe or friend?

Site of tumors Types of fibroblasts Functions of fibroblasts  
Prostate Normal lung fibroblasts Anti-tumor [96]
Normal associated fibroblasts Anti-tumor [25]
CAFs Tumor-promoting [25, 41]
Fibroblasts from benign hyperplasia Anti-tumor [26]
Skin Normal dermal fibroblasts Anti-tumor [16]
Senescent fibroblasts Tumor-promoting [82, 83]
Pancreas CAFs Anti-tumor [15, 31]
Stomach CAFs Tumor-promoting [46]
Breast CAFs Pro-inflammation [48]
Chemoresistance [61]
Ovary CAFs Tumor-promoting [48]
Lung CAFs Tumor-promoting [51]
Colon CAFs Chemoresistance [54]
Liver CAFs Pro-angiogenesis [57]