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Table 2 List of commonly-used CAF markers and their expression

From: Fibroblasts in cancer dormancy: foe or friend?

Marker Some other cells that express the marker Expression change in CAF
α-SMA Normal fibroblast, pericyte, smooth muscle cell, cardiomyocyte, breast myoepithelial cell Upregulated
S100A4 (FSP1) Normal fibroblast, endothelial cell, neuron, macrophage Upregulated
Vimentin Endothelial cell, neuron, adipocyte, breast myoepithelial cell, thyroid gland cell, hematopoietic cell, lymphoid cell Upregulated
FAP Activated fibroblast, CD45 + immune cell, smooth muscle cell, epithelial cell, glandular cell in multiple cell Upregulated
PDGFRα Astrocyte Upregulated
PDGFRβ Normal fibroblast, pericyte, vascular smooth muscle cell, neuron, myocardium Upregulated
Caveolin (CAV1) Normal fibroblast, squamous epithelial cell, type I pneumocyte, macrophage, adipocyte, Upregulated or downregulated
Tenascin C (TNC) Cancer cell, normal fibroblast Upregulated
Desmin Skin fibroblast, pericyte, muscle cell Downregulated
Cavin-1 Adipocyte, endothelial cell, breast myoepithelial cell, endothelial cell, macrophage, smooth muscle cell Downregulated
Podoplanin (PDPN) Lymphatic vessel Upregulated
Zinc finger E-box binding homeobox-1 (ZEB1) Adipocyte, smooth muscle cell, endothelial cell, glial cell, myocyte Upregulated