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Table 3 The 10 most important items of STIL differentially co-expression genes in the GO analysis

From: The biological function and clinical significance of STIL in osteosarcoma

Category GO ID GO Term Count p‑value
BP GO:0051301 Cell division 33 1.63E−17
BP GO:0007067 Mitotic nuclear division 26 7.98E−15
BP GO:0007062 Sister chromatid cohesion 18 5.42E−14
BP GO:0006281 DNA repair 21 9.69E−11
BP GO:0006260 DNA replication 16 3.98E−09
BP GO:0007080 Mitotic metaphase plate congression 9 3.22E−08
BP GO:0000070 Mitotic sister chromatid segregation 8 3.41E−08
BP GO:0051726 Regulation of cell cycle 13 1.48E−07
BP GO:0008283 Cell proliferation 20 8.32E−07
BP GO:0000732 Strand displacement 7 1.19E−06
CC GO:0005654 Nucleoplasm 98 1.45E−20
CC GO:0000776 Kinetochore 15 3.76E−12
CC GO:0005819 Spindle 17 7.57E−12
CC GO:0030496 Midbody 17 2.05E−11
CC GO:0005829 Cytosol 89 3.50E−11
CC GO:0000922 Spindle pole 13 2.76E−08
CC GO:0000775 Chromosome, centromeric region 10 6.58E−08
CC GO:0005876 Spindle microtubule 9 1.15E−07
CC GO:0000777 Condensed chromosome kinetochore 11 2.69E−07
CC GO:0005737 Cytoplasm 105 2.99E−06
MF GO:0005515 Protein binding 184 2.28E−17
MF GO:0005524 ATP binding 48 6.44E−08
MF GO:0043142 Single-stranded DNA-dependent ATPase activity 6 1.14E−07
MF GO:0019901 Protein kinase binding 21 2.85E−07
MF GO:0000400 Four-way junction DNA binding 5 3.18E−05
MF GO:0003697 Single-stranded DNA binding 9 4.34E−05
MF GO:0019899 Enzyme binding 16 6.31E−05
MF GO:0003690 Double-stranded DNA binding 8 1.27E−04
MF GO:0003689 DNA clamp loader activity 4 1.38E−04
MF GO:0008022 Protein C-terminus binding 11 2.23E−04
  1. GO gene ontology, BP biological process, CC cellular component, MF molecular function