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Table 4 The hub genes co-expressed with NEIL3

From: NEIL3 may act as a potential prognostic biomarker for lung adenocarcinoma

Gene Cor P value Group
TOP2A 0.635 1.52E−63 Positive
CCNA2 0.726 2.36E−91 Positive
BUB1B 0.683 4.49E−77 Positive
CDC45 0.631 2.04E−62 Positive
BUB1 0.669 7.54E−73 Positive
CDK1 0.668 1.34E−72 Positive
NCAPG 0.7 2.21E−82 Positive
KIF23 0.672 1.49E−73 Positive
UBE2C 0.591 3.82E−53 Positive
CCNB2 0.674 3.35E−74 Positive