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Table 2 RFX1 co-activators and co-repressor

From: RFX1: a promising therapeutic arsenal against cancer

RFX1 interacting protein Co-activator Co-repressor Function
MIBP1   Nuclear localization of RFX1; transcriptional repression of c-Myc in RA induced HL60 cell line [19]
  Upregulation of MHC class II gene transcription [11, 12]
transactivation of HBV enhancer activity [36]
AP4   Increase SHP1 transcription in MCF-7 cell lines to reduce cell proliferation [81]
NF1   NF1/RFX1 binds to P sequence element of chorionic somatomammotropins gene promoter and represses its activity [162]
ADD1   Co-repressor of RFX1 in the COS-7 kidney fibroblast cell line [163]
p107   p107/ RFX1 utilized the RFX1 binding site and repressed PCNA [157]
CREB   CCAR2 stabilizes RFX1/CREB complex which transcriptionally regulates cell cycle genes involved in cancer progression in HO1N1 SCC cell line [144]
PP1c   Involved in RFX1 autorepression [87]
HDAC   RFX1 recruits HDAC and represses COL1A2 promoter activity [64]
mSin3A   RFX1 recruits mSin3A and represses COL1A2 promoter activity [64]
  1. AP4 adaptor protein 4, ADD1 Alpha adducin, SCC squamous cell carcinoma