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Table 1 Different functions when circHIPK3 sponges different miRNAs in cancers

From: Biogenesis, cellular effects, and biomarker value of circHIPK3

Roles Cancers miRNA mRNA/protein Function Refs.
Tumor promotor  Non-small cell lng cancer  miR124-3p SphK1, CDK4 Proliferation [94]
STAT3-PRKAA/AMPKalpha Proliferation, migration, invasion, autophagy [13]
  miR-149 FOXM1 growth, apoptosis, migration, invasion [53]
  miR-379 IGF1 Proliferation [73]
Colorectal cancer  miR-637 STAT3/Bcl-2/beclin1 Autophagy, oxaliplatin-resistance [100]
miR-7 FAK, IGF1R, EGFR, YY1 Proliferation, migration, invasion, apoptosis [95]
miR-1207-5p FMNL2 Proliferation, migration, invasion [91]
Cervical cancer miR-338-3p HIF-1 Growth, metastasis, EMT [63]
Gallbladder cancer miR-124 ROCK1-CDK6 Proliferation, apoptosis [33]
Glioma miR-124-3p STAT3, WEEE1 Proliferation, invasion, EMT [47, 85]
CCND2 Proliferation, invasion
miR-654 IGF2BP3 Proliferation, invasion, tumor propagation [31]
miR-421 ZIC5 Invasion, apoptosis temozolomide (TMZ) resistance [24, 25]
miR-524-5p KIF2A Apoptosis, proliferation, metastasis, Temozolomide resistance [93]
Prostate cancer miR338-3p Cdc25B/Cdc2 G2/M transition, proliferation, apoptosis [45]
ADAM17 Proliferative, invasive [6]
miR-193a-3p MCL1 Proliferation, migration, invasion [10]
Oral squamous cell carcinoma miR-124   Proliferation [77]
miR-381-3p YAP1 Proliferation, invasion, migration, apoptosis [4]
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma miR-4288 ELF3 Proliferation, migration, invasion [34]
Hepatocellular carcinoma miR124 AQP3 Proliferation, migration [12]
miR-582-3p AQP3 Proliferation, migration, invasion, apoptosis [97]
Pancreatic cancer miR-330-5p RASSF1 Proliferation, invasive, migration, apoptosis, promotes Gemcitabine Resistance  [52]
Breast cancer miR-193a HMGB1-PI3K-AKT Proliferation, migration, invasion [15]
   Trastuzumab resistance [98]
Chronic myeloid leukemia     [21]
Tumor suppressor Bladder cancer miR-558 HPSE Migration, invasion, angiogenesis [41]
   Attenuate gemcitabine resistance [87]