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Table 2 Clinical trials of OVs in combination with immunotherapy

From: Oncolytic virotherapy reverses the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and its potential in combination with immunotherapy

Combination strategy OV type OV mutant Combination agent Targeted cancer Trial phase Trial status Trial No.
Immunotherapy HSV-1 T-Vec Pembrolizumab
Melanoma II, III Active
(not recruiting)
Pembrolizumab Head and neck cancer I Active
(not recruiting)
Sarcoma II Recruiting NCT03069378
Ipilimumab Melanoma I/II Active (not recruiting) NCT01740297
Ipilimumab + 
Nivolumab (anti-PD1)
Breast cancer I Recruiting NCT04185311
Breast cancer, colorectal cancer I Recruiting NCT03256344, NCT03802604
HF10 Ipilimumab Melanoma II Completed NCT02272855
Nivolumab Melanoma II Active (not recruiting) NCT03259425
Adenovirus LOAd703 Atezolizumab Melanoma I/II Recruiting NCT04123470
VCN-01 Durvalumab
Head and neck cancer I Recruiting NCT03799744
Telomelysin Pembrolizumab Advanced solid tumors I Recruiting NCT03172819
ONCOS-102 Durvalumab Peritoneal malignancies I/II Recruiting NCT02963831
Reovirus Reolysin® Pembrolizumab Pancreatic cancer II Active (not recruiting) NCT03723915
Nivolumab Multiple myeloma I Recruiting NCT03605719
Vaccinia virus
Vaccinia virus
Ipilimumab Advanced solid tumors I Recruiting NCT02977156
Immunotherapy Durvalumab + 
Tremelimumab (anti-PD-L1)
Colorectal cancer I/II Recruiting NCT03206073
Nivolumab Hepatocellular carcinoma I/II Active (not recruiting) NCT03071094
Coxsackie virus CAVATAK Pembrolizumab Melanoma I Completed NCT02565992
Pembrolizumab Non-small cell lung carcinoma, bladder cancer I Completed NCT02043665
Ipilimumab Melanoma I Completed NCT02307149,
Pembrolizumab Non-small cell lung carcinoma I Active (not recruiting) NCT02824965
Multi-therapy Adenovirus LOAd703 Atezolizumab + 
Gemcitabine + 
Pancreatic cancer I/II Recruiting NCT02705196
ONCOS-102 Pembrolizumab + Cyclophosphamide Melanoma I Active (not recruiting) NCT03003676
Reovirus Reolysin® Pembrolizumab + Gemcitabine + FOLFIRI Pancreatic cancer I Completed NCT02620423