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Table 2 Overall information of the seven genes for constructing the prognostic signature

From: A seven-gene prognostic signature predicts overall survival of patients with lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD)

Gene ID Gene symbol Gene type Chromosome Gene start (bp) Gene end (bp)
ENSG00000155511 GRIA1 Protein coding chr5 153489615 153813869
ENSG00000145040 UCN2 Protein coding chr3 48561727 48563773
ENSG00000205038 PKHD1L1 Protein coding chr8 10936247 10953030
ENSG00000176406 RIMS2 Protein coding chr8 10350078 10425604
ENSG00000154330 PGM5 Protein coding chr9 68328308 68531061
ENSG00000159212 CLIC6 Protein coding chr21 34669389 34718227
ENSG00000168497 CAVIN2 Protein coding chr2 19183432 19184725