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Table 2 The biological functions and molecular mechanisms of LINC00261

From: LINC00261: a burgeoning long noncoding RNA related to cancer

Cancer type Property Functional role(validated) Related genes/proteins/pathways PMID
Pancreatic cancer Suppressor EMT, motility, invasiveness FOXA2, Wnt pathway 32,414,223
   Metastasis Wnt, miR5525p/FOXO3 32,020,223
   Proliferation, metastasis c-Myc, MYC, E2F 32,929,371
   Progression FOXA2, cAMP and MAPK 32,590,069
   Cell-cycle arrest, proliferation IGF2BP1, HIPK2/ERK 33,122,827
Gastric cancer Suppressor EMT Focal adhesion 27,439,973
   EMT Ubiquitin-proteasome 27,878,953
Colon cancer Suppressor Drug resistant, apoptosis, viability Wnt/β-catenin 29,267,503
   Progression miR-324‐3p, Wnt/β‐catenin 31,183,860
Lung cancer Suppressor EMT / 31,115,010
   Cell proliferation, invasion, and apoptosis miR-522‐3p, Wnt 31,190,356
   Metastasis and proliferation FHL1 31,772,674
   Tumorigenesis, and progression FOXA2, ERK pathway 30,597,925
   Proliferation and metastasis Wnt/β-catenin, miR-1269a/FOXO1 32,607,060
   Migration, and proliferation FOXA2 30,796,052
Hepatocellular carcinoma Suppressor Proliferation, invasion, EMT Notch signaling pathway 29,278,875
   / PPAR signaling pathway 29,761,859
   Metastasis, migration, invasion, and EMT FOXA2, TGF-β signaling 33,520,374
   Migration, and invasion / 30,377,132
Breast cancer Suppressor Cell viability, microsphere formation ability, migration, and invasion / 33,274,565
   Proliferation, migration, and tumorigenesis NME1-EMT pathway 32,440,206
Laryngeal carcinoma Suppressor / / 29,774,690
Endometrial carcinoma Suppressor Proliferation, migration, and invasion / 30,019,459
Esophageal cancer Suppressor Chemotherapeutic response Metabolic pathway 30,226,808
Prostate cancer Suppressor Proliferation, angiogenesis p38 MAPK, Wnt/β-catenin 33,013,201
Choriocarcinoma Suppressor Proliferation, EMT, and cell apoptosis / 27,983,929
Cholangiocarcinoma Oncogene Metastasis, and EMT / 31,812,439