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Table 2 Monoclonal antibodies in clinical trials for the treatment of head and neck cancers

From: A review on the advances and challenges of immunotherapy for head and neck cancer

mAb Target Phase Combined with Identifier
Bevacizumab VEGF-A III Chemotherapy NCT00588770
Bevacizumab VEGF-A I/II Erlotinib NCT00055913
Ramucirumab VEGFR2 I/II Pembrolizumab NCT03650764
Ficlatuzumab HGF II Cetuximab NCT03422536
Cetuximab EGFR II NCT03769311
Cetuximab EGFR II Afatinib NCT02979977
Trastuzumab HER2 II NCT00004163
Panitumumab EGFR II Paclitaxel NCT01264328
Panitumumab EGFR I Chemotherapy NCT00513383
Nivolumab PD-1 II Paclitaxel NCT04282109
Nivolumab PD-1 II Relatlimab/Ipilimumab NCT04080804
Pembrolizumab PD-1 I Clopidogrel/Acetylsalicylic acid NCT03245489
Pembrolizumab PD-1 II Tadalafil NCT03993353
Atezolizumab PD-L1 II Bevacizumab NCT03818061
Durvalumab PD-L1 II Cetuximab NCT03691714
Durvalumab PD-L1 II Carboplatin/Paclitaxel NCT03723967
Ipilimumab CTLA-4 I NCT02812524
Tremelimumab CTLA-4 II Durvalumab/Radiotherapy NCT03624231