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Table 4 The remarkably enriched GO terms for these DEGs

From: Plastin-3 is a diagnostic and prognostic marker for pancreatic adenocarcinoma and distinguishes from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Ontology ID Description Counta adj. P Gene ID
CC GO:0005911 Cell–cell junction 12 6.95E−05 PERP/PPL/EPCAM/FAT1/CLDN1/BAIAP2L1/DSG2/CLDN7/CLDN12/PTPRK/CGN/PDLIM3
MF GO:0050839 Cell adhesion molecule binding 11 0.002369034 SFRP2/PPL/SPP1/EPCAM/OLFM4/BAIAP2L1/TSPAN8/DSG2/CCN2/PROM1/CGN
CC GO:0045177 Apical part of cell 9 0.002472218 EPCAM/FAT1/CLDN1/MYO6/MUC1/DSG2/KCNK1/PROM1/MAL2
CC GO:0016324 Apical plasma membrane 8 0.002817074 EPCAM/FAT1/CLDN1/MUC1/DSG2/KCNK1/PROM1/MAL2
CC GO:0016328 Lateral plasma membrane 4 0.003551437 EPCAM/CLDN1/DSG2/CLDN12
CC GO:0030057 Desmosome 3 0.004170446 PERP/PPL/DSG2
CC GO:0005923 Bicellular tight junction 5 0.004170446 EPCAM/CLDN1/CLDN7/CLDN12/CGN
CC GO:0070160 Tight junction 5 0.004305753 EPCAM/CLDN1/CLDN7/CLDN12/CGN
BP GO:0030198 Extracellular matrix organization 10 0.006175832 MMP7/SFRP2/SOX9/SPP1/PLOD2/MFAP2/ELF3/CCN2/SPINT2/CCDC80
CC GO:0043296 Apical junction complex 5 0.006294613 EPCAM/CLDN1/CLDN7/CLDN12/CGN
BP GO:0043062 Extracellular structure organization 10 0.010219773 MMP7/SFRP2/SOX9/SPP1/PLOD2/MFAP2/ELF3/CCN2/SPINT2/CCDC80
BP GO:0098742 Cell–cell adhesion via plasma-membrane adhesion molecules 8 0.011695026 ANXA3/EPCAM/FAT1/CLDN1/DSG2/CLDN7/CLDN12/PCDHB16
CC GO:0005884 Actin filament 4 0.020148378 PLS3/MYO6/PLS1/PDLIM3
MF GO:0001968 Fibronectin binding 3 0.023328786 SFRP2/CCN2/CCDC80
CC GO:0062023 Collagen-containing extracellular matrix 7 0.023568462 SFRP2/LGALS4/ASPN/MFAP2/CCN2/F3/CCDC80
MF GO:0003779 Actin binding 8 0.042702752 PLS3/BAIAP2L1/MYO6/PLS1/ENC1/CGN/MLPH/PDLIM3
MF GO:0002162 Dystroglycan binding 2 0.044071511 AGR2/AGR3
BP GO:0016338 Calcium-independent cell–cell adhesion via plasma membrane cell-adhesion molecules 3 0.047603714 CLDN1/CLDN7/CLDN12
  1. BP biological processes, CC cellular component, MF molecular functions
  2. aThe “Count” refers to the numbers of DEGs that were enriched in the corresponding functional category