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Table 2 Application of miRNA to OC drug resistance

From: Ovarian cancer: epigenetics, drug resistance, and progression

miRNA Resistance against Function Target/Pathway References
miR-708 Cisplatin Inhibition of metastasis IGF2BP1/Akt [49]
miR-136 Paclitaxel Inhibition of proliferation Notch3 [51]
miR-744-5p Carboplatin Promotion of cell apoptosis NFIX and HNRNPC [138]
miR-98-5p cisplatin Promotion of drug resistance miR-98-5p/Dicer1/miR-152 [58]
miR-1246 Paclitaxel Promotion of tumor growth Cav1/p-gp/M2-type macrophage axis [53]
miR-142-5p Cisplatin Inhibition of drug resistance XIAP, BIRC3, BCL2, BCL2L2, and MCL1(?) [139]
miR-509-3p Platinum Enhance drug sensitivity GOLPH3 and WLS [140]
miR-34a Cisplatin Inhibition of proliferation HDAC1 [50]
miR-338-3p Cisplatin Inhibition of proliferation, motility, and EMT WNT2B [141]
miR-1307 Paclitaxel Affects cell cycle dynamics CIC [142]
miR-383-5p Paclitaxel Tumor suppressor TRIM27 [52]
miR-206   Inhibition of proliferation and metastasis c-Met/AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway [143]
miR-503-5p Paclitaxel Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and growth CD97-Mediated JAK2/STAT3 Pathway [54]
miR-30a-5p   Inhibition of migration and invasion SKP2, BCL9, and NOTCH1 [144]
miR-34a-5p Cisplatin Inhibition of proliferation and G1-phase cell cycle PD-L1 [145]