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Table 7 Clinical trials targeting LAG-3 expression as of March 2021

From: Lymphocyte activating gene 3 protein expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma is correlated with programmed cell death-1 and programmed cell death ligand-1, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

Antibody name Targets Clinical studies Phase Conditions
IMP321 LAG-3 Fusion Protein NCT00732082 Phase I Pancreatic neoplasms
NCT03252938 Phase I Solid tumors
NCT00351949 Phase I Stage IV renal cell Carcinoma
NCT03625323 Phase II NSCLC, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC)
NCT04252768 Phase I Metastatic breast cancer
NCT00349934 Phase I Metastatic breast cancer
NCT02614833 Phase II Adenocarcinoma breast
NCT04811027 Phase II HNSCC
Relatlimab LAG-3 NCT04080804 Phase II HNSCC
NCT01968109 Phase I/IIa Neoplasms
NCT02061761 Phase I/IIa Hematologic neoplasms
NCT03610711 Phase II Gastroesophageal cancer
NCT02658981 Phase I Glioblastoma
NCT04150965 Phase I/II Multiple myeloma
NCT03044613 Phase Ib Gastric cancer, Esophageal cancer, gastroesophageal cancer
NCT04611126 Phase I Metastatic ovarian cancer, metastatic fallopian tube cancer, peritoneal cancer
NCT03623854 Phase II Chordoma
NCT03459222 Phase I/II Advanced cancer
NCT02966548 Phase I Cancer
NCT03662659 Phase II Gastric cancer, cancer of the stomach, esophagogastric Junction
NCT03743766 Phase II Melanoma
NCT04326257 Phase II Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
NCT04658147 Phase I Hepatocellular carcinoma
NCT03607890 Phase II Cancer
NCT04567615 Phase II Hepatocellular carcinoma
NCT02519322 Phase II Melanoma
NCT02060188 Phase II Microsatellite unstable colorectal cancer
NCT03493932 Phase I Glioblastoma
NCT02488759 Phase I/II Advanced cancer
Sym022 LAG-3 NCT03489369 Phase I Metastatic cancer
NCT04641871 Phase I Metastatic cancer
NCT03311412 Phase I Metastatic cancer
RO7247669 PD-1 × LAG-3 NCT04140500 Phase I Solid tumors
NCT04785820 Phase II Advanced or metastatic esophageal
Squamous cell carcinoma
REGN3767 LAG-3 NCT03005782 Phase I Malignancies
TSR-033 LAG-3 NCT03250832 Phase I Neoplasms
EMB-02 PD-1 × LAG-3 NCT04618393 Phase I/II Advanced solid tumors
MGD013 PD-1 × LAG-3 NCT03219268 Phase I Advanced solid tumors
NCT04082364 Phase II/III Gastric cancer
NCT04634825 Phase II Colorectal cancer
NCT04129320 Phase II/III Head and neck cancer
FS118 PD-L1 × LAG-3 NCT03440437 Phase I/II Advanced cancer
INCAGN02385 LAG-3 NCT04370704 Phase I/II Melanoma
TSR-033 LAG-3 NCT02817633 Phase I Neoplasms
LAG525 LAG-3 NCT03365791 Phase II Advanced solid tumors, diffuse large B cell lymphoma
NCT03742349 Phase I Triple negative breast cancer
NCT02460224 Phase I/II Advanced solid tumors
XmAb-22841 CTLA-4 × LAG-3 NCT03849469 Phase I Advanced solid tumors
EOC202 LAG-3 fusion protein NCT03600090 Phase I Advanced solid tumors
  1. NSCLC: non-small cell lung cancer; HNSCC: head and neck squamous cell carcinoma; LAG-3: lymphocyte activating 3; PD-L1: programmed death ligand 1; PD-1: programmed death 1; CTLA-4: cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4