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Table 8 Clinical applications as of March 2021 for bispecific antibodies targeting LAG-3 expression

From: Lymphocyte activating gene 3 protein expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma is correlated with programmed cell death-1 and programmed cell death ligand-1, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

Antibody name Targets Clinical application acceptance number Date
HLX26 LAG-3 CXSL2100041 2021-02-03
IBI323 PD-L1 × LAG-3 CXSL2000242 2020-08-25
EMB-02 PD-1 × LAG-3 CXSL2100047 2020-05-23
DNV3 LAG-3 CXSL2000121 2020-05-22
KL-A289 LAG-3 CXSL2000108 2019-11-16
MGD013 PD-1 × LAG-3 JXSL1900114 2019-08-23
SHR-1802 LAG-3 CXSL1900090 2019-05-27
LBL-007 LAG-3 JXSL1900040 2019-04-26
IBI110 LAG-3 CXSL1900040 2019-04-26
EOC202 LAG-3 CTR20180185 2018-06-25
  1. LAG-3: lymphocyte activating 3; PD-L1: programmed death ligand 1; PD-1: programmed death 1