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Table 2 Summary of studies on the molecular markers of ferroptosis related to the diagnosis, prognosis and staging of pancreatic cancer

From: Current understanding of ferroptosis in the progression and treatment of pancreatic cancer

Molecular marker Biomolecule type Clinical relevance References
Ferritin Protein Diagnosis, prognosis [65, 66]
Ferroportin Protein Diagnosis, prognosis [60, 65]
Hepcidin Protein Prognosis, TNM stage [67]
Lipocalin 2 Protein Diagnosis [57, 65]
TFR1 Protein Diagnosis, prognosis, TNM stage [63, 65]
SLC7A11 DNA Prognosis [70]
GPX4 Protein Prognosis [67]
ARF6 Protein Prognosis [57]
SLC25A37/28 DNA Prognosis [71]
PARK2 DNA Prognosis [71]
AIM2 DNA Prognosis [71]
NUPR1 DNA Prognosis [73]
LCN2 DNA Prognosis [73]
MGST1 DNA Prognosis [56]
PTGS2 DNA Prognosis [72]
MT1G DNA Prognosis [72]
TUBE1 DNA Prognosis [72]
ATG4D DNA Prognosis [72]