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Table 1 Antisense LncRNAs act as oncogenes or tumor suppressors in various cancer types

From: The regulatory role of antisense lncRNAs in cancer

Antisense LncRNA Cancer type Function Mechanism Refs
MFI2-AS1 Liver cancer Oncogene MFI2-AS1 functions as miR-134 sponge to Upregulate FOXM1 expression [122]
EPB41L4A-AS2   Tumor suppressor EPB41L4A-AS2 sponges miR-301a-5p and targets FOXL1 [123]
PIK3CD-AS2 Lung cancer Oncogene PIK3CD-AS2 suppresses p53 pathway via YBX1 [124]
LIFR-AS1   Tumor suppressor LIFR-AS1 regulates miR-942-5p/ZNF471 axis [125]
ZNFX1-AS1 Bladder cancer Oncogene ZNFX1-AS1 interacts with miR-193a-3p/Syndecan 1 [126]
MAGI2-AS3   Tumor suppressor MAGI2-AS3 upregulates TNS1 by sponging miR-31-5p [127]
RUSC1-AS1 Breast cancer Oncogene RUSC1-AS1 downregulates the expression of CDKN1A and KLF2 [128]
IGBP1-AS1   Tumor suppressor IGBP1-AS1 modulates miR-24-1/ZIC3 axis [129]
ELFN1-AS1 Colorectal cancer Oncogene ELFN1-AS1 acts as a sponge of miR-4644 to increase TRIM44 expression [130]
SOCS2-AS1   Tumor suppressor SOCS2-AS1 stabilizes SOCS2 and sponges miR-1264 [131]
CTBP1-AS2 Cervical cancer Oncogene CTBP1-AS2 upregulates ZNF217 through sponging miR-3163 [132]
ZNF667-AS1   Tumor suppressor ZNF667-AS1 counteracts microRNA-93-3p-dependent PEG3 downregulation [133]
HOXA-AS3 Gastric cancer Oncogene HOXA-AS3 activates NF-κB signaling through miR-29a-3p/LTβR axis [134]
CA3-AS1   Tumor suppressor CA3-AS1 sponges miR-93-5p and targets BTG3 [135]
VPS9D1-AS1 Prostate cancer Oncogene VPS9D1-AS1 sponges miR-4739 to upregulate MEF2D [136]
LSAMP-AS1   Tumor suppressor LSAMP-AS1 binds to microRNA-183-5p and upregulates the tumor suppressor DCN [137]
RHPN1-AS1 Ovarian cancer Oncogene RHPN1-AS1 acts as a ceRNA against miR-596 and upregulating LETM1 [114]
ZNF667-AS1 Melanoma Tumor suppressor ZNF667-AS1 positively regulates MEGF10 [138]
FOXC2-AS1   Oncogene FOXC2-AS1 downregulates p15 by recruiting EZH2 [139]
PSMB8-AS1 Pancreatic cancer Oncogene PSMB8-AS1 modulates miR-382-3p/STAT1/PD-L1 axis [140]
PXN-AS1   Tumor suppressor PXN-AS1 acts as a ceRNA of miR-3064 to upregulate PIP4K2B expression [141]