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Table 3 CircRNAs with tumor suppressive functions in RCC

From: Circular RNAs and their role in renal cell carcinoma: a current perspective

CircRNA Target miRNA/gene axis Gene/protein activity Functions in RCC Ref
hsa-circ0072309 miR-100/PI3K/AKT/mTOR Increased Increased proliferation, migration and invasion; decreased apoptosis [86]
circ0001451 Increased proliferation; decreased apoptosis [81]
circAKT3 miR-296-3p/E-cadherin Decreased Increased migration, invasion and EMT [87]
cRAPGEF5 miR-27a-3p/TXNIP Decreased Increased proliferation,migration and invasion [71]
circATP2B1 miR-204-3p/FN1 Increased Increased migration and invasion [88]
circHIAT1 miR-195-5p
Increased Increased migration and invasion [89]
circMTO1 miR9/LMX1A Decreased Increased proliferation and invasion [90]