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Table 1 The characteristics of dysregulated circRNAs in CRC

From: The effective function of circular RNA in colorectal cancer

Related miRNA
Expression Targeted molecules/pathways Function References (DOI)  
circ_0007142 miR-455-5p Up SGK1 Regulates cell proliferation, apoptosis, migration, and invasion [48] 2021
hsa_circ_102049 miR-761, miR-192-3p Up FRAS1 Promoting liver metastasis [49] 2021
LONP2 Mir-17 Up DGCR8 Prognostic predictor for anti-metastasis target [50] 2020
CircPTK2 (hsa_circ_0005273)   Up binding to vimentin protein Metastasis and may serve as a potential therapeutic target for CRC metastasis,
Promote EMT
[51] 2020
circPACRGL miR142-39
Up TGF-β1 Promoted CRC cell proliferation, migration, and invasion, as well as differentiation [52] 2020
hsa_circ_0053277 miR-2467-3p Up MMP14 Facilitated the development of CRC accelerated cell proliferation [37] 2020
Hsa_circ_001680 miR-340 Up BMI1 Enhance the proliferation and migration capacity of CRC cells [53] 2020
circSAMRCC1 miR-140-3p Up MMP-2, MMP-9, VEGF Cell viability, migration, and invasion [54] 2020
CircHIPK3 miR-1207-5p Up FMNL2 Promote Cell Progression, migration, and invasion in CRC [55] 2020
circ-HIPK3 Mir-7 Up FAK/IGF1R/EGFR/YY1 Promotes CRC growth and metastasis
[56] 2020
circHUWE1 miR-486 Up   Promotes Cell Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion [57] 2020
circVAPA miR-101 Up CREB5 Promotes CRC cell proliferation, migration, invasion, and inhibit apoptosis [38] 2020
CircAPLP2 miR-101-3p Up Notch
Promotes proliferation and metastasis [58] 2020
circ-FARSA miR-330-5p Up LASP1 Proliferation, migration, and invasion of CRC cells in vitro [59] 2020
CircAGFG1 miR-4262 and miR-185-5p Up WNT/β-catenin
Promote metastases [60] 2020
circ5615 miR-149-5p Up WNT/β-catenin pathway Exerted oncogenic function [61] 2020
circular RNA 001,971 miR-29c-3p Up VEGFA CRC cell proliferation,
Invasion and angiogenesis
[62] 2020
CircPRMT5 miR-377 Up E2f3 Cell proliferation and migration [63] 2020
CircularRNA NOX4 microRNA-485-5p Up CKS1B Promotes the development of colorectal cancer [64] 2020
circRAE1 miR-338-3p Up TYRO3 Promotes colorectal cancer cell migration and invasion [65] 2020
Hsa_circ_0079662   Up TNF-α
Induces the resistance mechanism of the chemotherapy drug oxaliplatin through the TNF‐α pathway [66] 2020
Hsa_circ_0026416 miR-346 Up NFIB Promotes proliferation and migration [39] 2020
circ_0136666 miR-383 Up CREB1
proteins (HK2 and LDHA)
Accumulation on the proliferation and glycolysis and the promoting impact on the apoptosis of CRC [67] 2020
hsa_circRNA_102209 miR-761 Up   Promotes the growth and metastasis [68] 2020
Hsa_circ_0005963 miR-122 Up PKM2 Chemoresistance. In vitro and in vivo studies [69] 2020
Circ TUBB     Interacting with smoking can enhance colorectal cancer risk [70] 2020
CircRNA_101951   Up KIF3A Promote migration and invasion [71] 2020
Up    [72] 2020
  Up Wnt/β-catenin pathway circ-ABCC1 was confirmed to facilitate CRC progression [73] 2020
CircFNDC3B miR-937-5p Up   circFNDC3B-enriched exosomes can inhibit angiogenesis and CRC progression [74] 2020
circ_0060745 miR-473,6 Up CSE1L Promotes Colorectal Cancer Cell Proliferation and Metastasis [75] 2020
circRUNX1 miR-145-5p Up IGF1 signaling Promote Cell Growth Metastasis/Proliferation/ migration [76] 2020
circHOMER1 miR-138-5p Up HEY1 A decrease in glucose consumption
Treated with lidocaine, indicating the inhibition of CRC cell viability mediated by lidocaine through suppressing aerobic glycolysis
[77] 2020
Hsa_circ_0001806 miR-193a-5p Up COL1A1 Correlated with TNM stage, depth of invasion, lymphatic metastasis, and distant metastasis [78] 2020
circMAT2B miR-610 Up E2F1 Induces Colorectal Cancer Proliferation [79] 2020
circ_0000512 miR-296-5p/ Up RUNX1 Cell Proliferation cell viability and colony formation [80] 2020
Circ_0056618 miR-206 Up CXCR4 VEGF-A Promoted cell proliferation, migration, and angiogenesis [81] 2020
CircRNA_0001946 MicroRNA-135a-5p Up EMT A tumor promoter by activating the miR-135a [82] 2020
Hsa_circ_0038646 miR-331-3p Up GRIK3 Promotes cell proliferation and migration [83] 2020
Circ_0007031 miR-760 Up DCP1A Regulate the Growth and Chemoradiotherapy Resistance might play a positive role [84] 2020
Circ-PRKDC miR-375/ Up FOXM1 Axis and Wnt/β-Catenin Circ-PRKDC enhanced 5-FU resistance in CRC [85] 2020
CircRNA UBAP2 Mir-199a Up VEGFA Facilitated CRC progression [86] 2020
Hsa_circ_0000231 miR-502-5p Up MYO6 CRC progression
It has a role in glycolysis
[87] 2020
circGLIS2 miR-671 Up NF-κB Promotes colorectal cancer cell motility [88] 2020
Circular RNA CCDC66   Up PI3KK Apoptosis [89] 2020
circCCDC66 miR-3140 Up autophagy Promotes the tumorigenesis [90] 2020
circ-CCDC66 miR-33b/miR-93/ Up DNMT3B/EZH2/
Promotes CRC growth and metastasis [91] 2020
Hsa_circ_0128846 hsa-miR-1184 Up YAP signaling Promotes tumorigenesis [92] 2020
Hsa_circ_0007534 miR613
Up SLC25A22 Promote proliferation was correlated with tumor stage and lymph node metastasis [93] 2020
CircFAT1 miR-520b
Up UHRF1 CRC cell proliferation, apoptosis, and glycolysis [94] 2020
CircFADS2   Up   Biomarkers of CRC [95] 2020
Circ-000166 miR-326 Up LASP1 Cell growth and apoptosis in CRC cell lines [96] 2020
circ-ACAP2 Mir21-5p Up Tiam1 Promotes CRC cell proliferation, migration, and invasion [49] 2020
circ-ZNF609 miR-150 Up Gli1 Promotes CRC cell migration [33] 2020
circ-NSD2 miR-199b Up 5p/DDR1/JAG1 Promotes CRC metastasis [97] 2020
Circ-DENND4C miR-760 Up SLC2A1 Promote Migration and glycolysis [98] 2020
circ-Lgr4   Up circLgr4-peptide/Lgr4/Wnt/β-catenin Promotes CRC stem cell self-renewal, tumorigenesis and invasion [99] 2020
hsa_circ_000984 miR-106b Up CDK6 Promotes CRC growth and metastasis [100] 2020
Has _circ -140,388
Mir486 .5p Up PLAGL2
Proliferation, migration, invasion, [57] 2020
Mir- 613 Up CCT3
Metastasis [101] 2020
Has _circ -001,900
Up E2F1
Promotes CRC progression [102] 2020
hsa_circ_0007534   Up   Promotes proliferation and inhibits apoptosis [93] 2021
Has-circ- 0,007,843 Mir- 518-5p Up ARHGAP32 Migration, invasion, [103] 2020
circRNA_100876 miR-516b Up   Inhibit proliferation and metastasis [104] 2020
CircRNA_0000392 miR-193a-5p Up PIK3R3/AKT Promoter proliferation of CRC [105] 2020
circRNA_002144 miR-615-5p Up LARP1 Promotes growth and metastasis [106] 2020
Circ-Erbin miR-125a-5p and miR-138-5p, Up 4EBP-1 Promotes growth and metastasis of CRC [107] 2020
CircRNA 100,146 miR-149 Up HMGA2 Promotes Colorectal Cancer Progression [108] 2020
circ-NSUN2   Up IGF2BP2/HMGA2 Promotes CRC liver metastasis [109] 2019
circCCT3 Mir613 Up VEGFA; WNT signaling Contributes to metastases [101] 2019
Circ_0000218 miR-139-3p Up RAB1A Promoted CRC proliferation and metastasis via [110] 2019
circFMN2 miR-1182 Up hTERT Cell proliferation and migration [111] 2019
Circ 32,883 Mir501-5p Up EmL5 Promote resistance to folfox [112] 2019
Circ ACC1   Up c-Jun/AMPK Promotes CRC cell fatty acid β-oxidation, glycolysis and growth [113] 2019
hsa_circ_102958 miR-585 Up CDC25B Promotes CRC tumorigenesis [114] 2019
Has- circ-101555 Mir 597-5p Up CDK6
Promote progression [115] 2019
Has-circ-0079993 Mir 139-3p Up CREB1 Promotes CRC cell proliferation [116] 2019
Has-circ- PIP5K1A Mir1273
Irf4 cdx2
Up   Promote progression CRC [117] 2019
hsa_circ_0055625 ITGB8 Up miR-106b Increases colon cancer cell growth was associated with pathological TNM stage and metastasis [118] 2019
hsa_circ_0136666 PRKDC
Up Mir136 Promote proliferation and invasion [41] 2019
hsa_circ_0073195 miR-199-b Up Ddr1 and Jag1 signaling Promotes metastasis [97] 2019
hsa_circ_0071589 MIR-600 Up Fat1
Promotes carcinogenesis tumor growth, invasion, and migration [119] 2018
circRNA_100290 FZD4
Up Mir516b Promotes colorectal cancer [120] 2018
Cirs7 miR-7 Up EGFR and IGF1R Promotes progression [27, 121] 2017
Circ0000504 Mir485-5p Up Tubgcp3
Promote resistance to 5fu [122] 2017
hsa_circ_000984 CDK6 Up Mir 106b Promotes cells proliferation and metastasis [100] 2017
Up Mir138 Can regulate CRC cell viability, apoptosis, and invasion [123] 2017
Circ-0001313 miR-3383p
Up Ccdc66 Promote resistance to radiotherapy and 5fu [124] 2019
Has-circ-001569 miR145 Up ABC1
The regulator in cell proliferation and invasion [125] 2016
circ_0007142 miR-122-5p Down CDC25A Proliferation, colony formation, migration, and invasion [48] 2020
CircCSNK1G1 miR-455-3p Down MYO6 Proliferation, migration and invasion cell growth and metastasis, [126] 2020
CircTADA2A miR-374a-3p. MiR-374a-3p Down KLF14 Tumor suppressor in CRC [127] 2020
circ-SMAD7   Down   circ-SMAD7 could inhibit cell migration and invasion of CRC by suppressing the EMT process, [128] 2020
Circ_cse1l   Down eIF4A3
circ_cse1l inhibited the proliferation of CRC [129] 2020
ITGA5 circRNA miR-107, Down FOXJ3 Act as a tumor suppressor in CRC [130] 2020
CircDDX17 miR-31-5p/ Down KANK1 Tumor suppressor
blocked CRC progression
Strengthened chemosensitivity of CRC to 5-Fu
[131] 2020
Hsa_circ_0137008 microRNA-338-5p Down   Inhibited the progression of CRC [132] 2020
CircNOL10 miR-135a-5p; miR-135b-5p Down KLF9 Mediating proliferation, cell cycle, migration, and invasion [133] 2020
circ_0021977 miR-10b-5p Down P21; P53 Suppresses proliferation, migration, and invasion by CRC cells [47] 2020
circRNACBL11 YWHAE Up Mir6778-5p Suppress cell proliferation [134] 2019
Circ. CDYL c-Myc
cyclin D1
Down miR-150-5p/ Inhibits CRC cell growth and migration [135] 2019
Ras’s pathway
Down miR-370-3p
Inhibits colorectal cancer growth and metastasis [44]
hsa_circ_0009361 Mir582-3p Down APC2/Wnt/β-catenin Inhibits CRC progression [43] 2019
hsa_circ_0000523 METTL3
Down Mir-31 Correlated to the tumorigenesis-
[136] 2018
circITCH DDX17
Down miR-7, miR-17, miR-214 Proliferation ( −) [31] 2015