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Table 2 The characteristics of circRNAs in CRC as a chemotherapy resistance

From: The effective function of circular RNA in colorectal cancer

CircRNA GENE related miRNA Expression Targeted molecules/pathways Function References (DOI) Year
Hsa_circ_0079662   Up TNF-α
Induces the resistance mechanism of the chemotherapy drug oxaliplatin through the TNF‐α pathway [66] 2020
Hsa_circ_0005963 miR-122 Up PKM2 chemoresistance. In vitro and in vivo [69] 2020
Circ_0007031 miR-760 Up DCP1A Regulate the Growth and Chemoradiotherapy Resistance [84] 2020
CircDDX17 miR-31-5p Down KANK1 Tumor suppressor
Strengthened chemosensitivity of CRC to 5-Fu
[131] 2020
Circ-PRKDC miR-375 Up FOXM1 Axis and WBT/β-Catenin Enhanced 5-FU resistance in CRC [85] 2020
Circ-0001313 mir-3383p
Up Ccdc66 Promote resistance to radiotherapy and 5fu [124] 2019
Circ 32,883 Mir501-5p Up EmL5 Promote resistance to folfox   2019
Circ0007006 Mir300
Up   Promote resistance to 5fu [122] 2017
Circ0000504 Mir485-5p Up Tubgcp3
Promote resistance to 5fu [122] 2017