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Table 3 circRNAs with Biomarker potential in CRC

From: The effective function of circular RNA in colorectal cancer

CircRNA GENE related miRNA Expression Targeted molecules/pathways Function References (DOI)  
Hsa_circ_0002320   Down   Noninvasive diagnostic blood biomarker for CRC prognosis [140] 2020
circMBOAT2 miR-519d-3p Up
TROAP) A novel tumor marker and regulates proliferation/migration [141] 2020
hsa_circ_0060927   Up   Potential diagnostic markers [142] 2020
circ-CCDC66 miR-33b/miR-93/ Up DNMT3B/EZH2/
Promoting CRC growth and metastasis [91] 2020
circ_0005075   Up Wnt/β-catenin pathway Potential target for the prognosis biomarker [143] 2020
Hsa_circ_0004831   Up WNT and p53 signaling pathway Prognostic biomarker [144] 2020
hsa_circ_104916   Down   Prognosis biomarker
Inhibiting CRC cell proliferation, migration, invasion, and inducing apoptosis
[145] 2019
hsa_circ_0004585   Up   Potential diagnostic biomarker for CRC [146] 2019
hsa-circ-0004771   Up   Nvel potential diagnostic biomarker [147] 2019
Has-circ- 000,423
  Up Hippo/YAP Prognosis Prognostic biomarker
Promoting pathogenesis and metastasis
[148] 2019
circ-MTO1   Down WNT/β-catenin Prognostic biomarker, Inhibiting cell proliferation and invasion [149] 2018
hsa_circ_0001649 SHARE Down   Novel diagnostic biomarker
Expression level is closely associated with pathological differentiation
[150] 2018
Has _circ_ 14,717   Down P16 Prognostic biomarker
Inhibiting CRC cell proliferation, colony formation, and growth
[151] 2018
hsa_circ_0026344 miR-21/miR-31 Down   Prognostic biomarker
Inhibiting CRC cell growth and invasion and induces apoptosis
[45] 2018
Has-circ-0000711   Down   Diagnostic Prognostic biomarker [152] 2018
Cirs-7 CDR1
EGFR/RAF1/MAPK pathway
Up Mir-7 Prognostic biomarker [27] 2018
hsa_circ_0000567 SETD3 Down    [153] 2018
hsa_circ_001988 FBXW7 Down   Potential diagnostic biomarker [42] 2015
hsa_circ_0003906   Down   Diagnostic biomarker [154]] 2015