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Fig. 3

From: USP7 inhibition induces apoptosis in glioblastoma by enhancing ubiquitination of ARF4

Fig. 3

ARF4 binds to USP7 and is downregulated by USP7 inhibition

A-C Proteins bound to USP7 were identified in SHG-140 by Co-IP and MS, and the screened proteins were analyzed for the KEGG pathway. D Heat map showing the comparative results of TMT proteomics analysis after 48 h treatment using DMSO or P5091 (2µM) in SHG-140. E Venn diagram showing down-regulated proteins in response to P5091 (yellow), USP7 interaction candidates identified by Co-IP (purple), and overlapping proteins. F Volcano plot showing the differential proteins from TMT proteomics analysis and the location of ARF4

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