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Table 1 The GO enrichment analysis of three most significant MCODE components

From: Expression profile of RNA binding protein in cervical cancer using bioinformatics approach

Ontology ID Description p value q value Count
 BP GO:0042254 Ribosome biogenesis 2.8E−32 3.83E−30 20
 BP GO:0006364 rRNA processing 9.39E−26 5.61E−24 16
 BP GO:0034470 ncRNA processing 1.23E−25 5.61E−24 18
 CC GO:0030684 Preribosome 7.18E−23 8.31E−22 12
 CC GO:0032040 Small-subunit processome 9.73E−12 5.63E−11 6
 CC GO:0030686 90S preribosome 5.39E−10 2.08E−09 5
 MF GO:0003724 RNA helicase activity 5.67E−06 0.000137 4
 MF GO:0140098 Catalytic activity, acting on RNA 2.08E−05 0.000252 6
 MF GO:0004386 Helicase activity 0.000103 0.000833 4
 BP GO:0006414 Translational elongation 1.82E−22 4.15E−20 14
 BP GO:0070126 Mitochondrial translational termination 1.33E−20 1.52E−18 12
 BP GO:0006415 Translational termination 9.55E−20 7.27E−18 12
 CC GO:0044391 Ribosomal subunit 3.49E−33 5.15E−32 20
 CC GO:0005840 Ribosome 5.99E−30 4.42E−29 20
 CC GO:0015934 Large ribosomal subunit 2.13E−23 1.04E−22 14
 MF GO:0003735 Structural constituent of ribosome 5.74E−22 1.27E−20 15
 MF GO:0003746 Translation elongation factor activity 0.000518 0.005724 2
 MF GO:0004540 Ribonuclease activity 0.000931 0.006861 3
 BP GO:0000377 RNA splicing, via transesterification reactions with bulged adenosine as nucleophile 1.03E−20 5.72E−19 17
 BP GO:0000398 mRNA splicing, via spliceosome 1.03E−20 5.72E−19 17
 BP GO:0000375 RNA splicing, via transesterification reactions 1.17E−20 5.72E−19 17
 CC GO:0005849 mRNA cleavage factor complex 1.46E−10 4.75E−09 5
 CC GO:0005681 Spliceosomal complex 5.86E−10 9.57E−09 8
 CC GO:0046540 U4/U6 x U5 tri-snRNP complex 7.79E−09 6.35E−08 5
 MF GO:0008135 Translation factor activity, RNA binding 1.02E−08 4.31E−07 6
 MF GO:0140098 Catalytic activity, acting on RNA 4.10E−07 8.64E−06 8
 MF GO:0003743 Translation initiation factor activity 2.35E−06 3.30E−05 4