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Table 2 The KEGG pathway analysis of three most significant MCODE components

From: Expression profile of RNA binding protein in cervical cancer using bioinformatics approach

ID Description p value q value Count
 hsa03008 Ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes 7.88E−15 8.29E−15 8
 hsa03010 Ribosome 2.16E−16 9.10E−16 12
 hsa05171 Coronavirus disease—COVID-19 3.72E−08 7.83E−08 8
 hsa03013 RNA transport 0.000973 0.001365 4
 hsa03018 RNA degradation 0.015887 0.016723 2
 hsa03015 mRNA surveillance pathway 4.25E−12 5.37E−11 9
 hsa03013 RNA transport 7.41E−07 4.68E−06 7
 hsa03040 Spliceosome 3.70E−06 1.56E−05 6
 hsa03020 RNA polymerase 0.003703 0.011693 2