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Table 2 The prognostic IRGPs and their risk coefficients involved in PRSM

From: Comprehensive analysis of prognostic immune-related genes and drug sensitivity in cervical cancer

IRG 1 Immune-related function IRG 2 Immune-related function Coef.
BTLA Negatively regulating antigen receptor signaling GPR174 Putative receptor for purines coupled to G-proteins 0.068936
CD244 Regulating innate and adaptive immune response GPR174 Putative receptor for purines coupled to G-proteins 0.311926
CD28 T cell activation FASLG Termination of immune responses 0.279403
CD80 T-lymphocyte activation RGS18 Inhibiting signal transduction − 0.32299
CERKL Regulate autophagy RHOH Negative regulator of hematopoietic progenitor cell − 0.14509
CLEC4A Regulating immune reactivity LILRB4 Down-regulation of the immune response and the development of tolerance 0.065819
CYTH4 Activation of ARF factors STAC3 − 0.33071
EVI2B Hematopoietic progenitor cells differentiation SLAMF7 Regulating innate and adaptive immune response − 0.41131
FCRL3 B-cell proliferation LY9 Negative regulator of the immune response − 0.13661
FGR Regulation of immune responses (including neutrophil, monocyte, macrophage and mast cell functions) IL10RA Participating in IL10-mediated anti-inflammatory functions 0.386338
FOXP3 The development and inhibitory function of regulatory T-cells (Treg) RASAL3 Playing an important role in the expansion and functions of natural killer T (NKT) cells − 0.42278
FUT7 Involved in cell and matrix adhesion during leukocyte trafficking and fertilization TFEC Transcriptional regulator 0.190542
GPR34 Orphan receptor STAC3 0.345396
GYPC Regulating the stability of red cells LST1 Involved in dendritic cell maturation 0.097751
IGSF6 Regulating the function of CD8 + T effector cells TNFSF13B Involved in the stimulation of B- and T-cell function 0.058717
LCP2 Involved in T-cell antigen receptor mediated signaling SLAMF8 B-lineage commitment and/or modulation of signaling 0.241523
LY9 Negative regulator of the immune response ZC3H12D Degradation of interleukin IL-6 mRNA level in activated macrophages 0.250874
NLRC3 Negative regulator of the innate immune response SIGLEC1 Macrophage-restricted adhesion molecule 0.005176
SAMD9L Involved in endosome fusion TMEM140 Inhibition of viral proliferation − 0.18399