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Table 4 The C-index of our model, FIGO stage, Treatment for prediction of OS in the ECA

From: HPV E6/E7 mRNA in situ hybridization in endocervical adenocarcinoma: implications for prognosis and diagnosis

Factors C-index 95 CI% P
Nomogram A 0.825 0.754–0.896  
FIGO stage 0.653 0.567–0.740  
Treatment 0.578 0.506–0.651  
Nomogram B 0.836 0.771–0.902  
Nomogram A vs FIGO stage    0.002
Nomogram A vs Treatment     < 0.001
Nomogram A vs Nomogram B    0.139
  1. Nomogram A: age + HPV RNA scope + LVI + LNI
  2. Nomogram B: age + HPV RNA scope + LVI + LNI + FIGO stage + Treatment
  3. C-index = concordance index; LVI, lymph vascular invasion; LNI, lymph node involvement; P values are calculated based on normal approximation using function rcorrp.cens in Hmisc package