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Table 2 The role of miRNAs targeting MYB in a variety of cancers

From: Intricate crosstalk between MYB and noncoding RNAs in cancer

Targeting MYB Cellular processes Tumor types In vitro model In vivo model Refs.
miR-200 Cell proliferation, resistance Breast cancer MCF-7, T47D cells   [58]
miR-143-3p Cell proliferation, apoptosis Breast cancer Normal breast cell line MCF-10A, breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-435   [60]
miR-195 Cell proliferation, apoptosis, metastasis NSCLC A549, H129 Female athymic nude mice [100]
miR-424 Cell proliferation angiogenesis, metastasis Ovarian cancer The normal human ovarian epithelial cell line HOSEpiC, human ovarian cancer cell lines (SKOV-3, HO8910, A2780), HUVECs Immunodeficient female nude mice [121]
miR-548c-3p Cell proliferation, metastasis Glioma The human glioma T98G, U87, U251, HEK-293 cells (CRL-1573)   [68]
hsa-miR-495 Cell proliferation, metastasis Glioma Human glioma cell lines (A172, U87, U251, U373)   [69]
miR-150 Cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell cycle Colorectal cancer, liver cancer, CML K562, Meg-01, KCL-22, HL-60, KG-1; colorectal cancer cell line Nude mice [72, 73, 113]
miR-130a Angiogenesis GC The human gastric cell line SGC7901, the human gastric mucosal epithelial cell line GES-1 Female nude mice (BALB/C-nu, 6–8 weeks) [118]
miR-155 Angiogenesis GC Human SGC-7901 cells, HEK293T cells, HUVEC cell Male nude mice (BALB/C-nu) [120]
miR-29 Cell cycle Breast cancer T-47D, MDA-MB-453, MCF-7, MCF-10A cells   [61]
miR-193b-3p Cell proliferation T-ALL T-ALL cell lines T-ALL patient samples [67]
miR-103a Cell proliferation, metastasis GC MKN-45, HGC-27, MGC-803, SGC-7901, GES   [30]
  1. CML, chronic myeloid leukemia; GC, gastric cancer; HEK, human embryonic kidney; HUVECs, human umbilical vein endothelial cells; MDA, malonaldehyde; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; T-ALL, T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia; PHFG, primary human fetal glial