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Table 1 The presence and function of G-quadruplexes in non-coding RNAs

From: Interaction between non-coding RNAs, mRNAs and G-quadruplexes

Non-coding RNAs Location Ligands Cell line Clinical samples/animal models References
H19 5′ end Sp1, E2F1 HEK293T, HeLa, U2OS, EpH4, mESCs [39]
XIST Nucleolin, hnRNP A1, KRAS Huh-7, MCF-7, normal lymphoid cells 31 colon cancer tissues and their adjacent non-tumorous tissues [43]
FLJ39051 (GSEC) DHX36 DLD-1, SW480 105 samples of colon
Carcinoma tissues and normal colon samples
BC200 (BCYRN1) RHAU HEK293T, HeLa, MCF-7, T47D, MDA-MB-231, SK-BR-3, A549 [44]
TERRA HP1α NIH3T3 [40]
pre-miRNA-1229 SORL1 [45]
pre-miRNA-149 ZBTB2, Porphyrin MCF-7 [22]
miR-1587 3′-UTR TAGLN, pseudopalmatine, TMPyP4 HeLa [47]
pre-miRNA 92b LNA A549 cells, NSCLC [48]
LINE-1 3′-UTR HeLa [42]
miR-3620-5p 5′ and 3′ ends Sanguinarine [49]
pre-let-7 Lin28 Human NCCIT embryonal carcinoma cells [50]