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Table 2 The expression of NFATc4 in different tissues or cell lines

From: Recent knowledge of NFATc4 in oncogenesis and cancer prognosis

Tissue/cell line Expression level References
Non-small cell lung cancer tissue (Human) Protein [12]
Breast cancer cell lines (T47D, ZR-75-1) (Human) Protein [13]
Breast cancer patients’ PBMC (Human) mRNA [14]
Ovarian cancer cell lines (HeyA8, SKOV3) (Human) Protein [15, 16]
Cervical cancerous cell lines (C33A, HeLa, SiHa) (Human) Protein [17]
Skin cancer tissue and cell lines (Human) Protein [18, 19]
Pancreatic cancer tissue (Mouse) Protein [20]
Colon cancer cell line HT29 (Human) Protein [21]
Glioblastoma (Human) Protein [22]
Schwannoma (Human) Protein [23]
Lung (Mouse) Protein [24]
Spleen (Mouse) Protein [24]
Liver (Mouse) Protein [24]
Regulatory T cells (Tregs) (Human) mRNA [3]
Bone marrow-derived macrophages (Mouse) Protein [25]
Cardiomyocytes (Human) Protein [26]
Cardiomyocytes (Mouse) Protein [4]
Keratinocytes (Human) Protein [27]
Adipocytes (Mouse) Protein [28]
Primary hippocampal neuron (Rat) Protein [6]
Skeletal muscles (Rat) Protein [5]