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Table 5 Downstream genes of NFATc4 in cancer

From: Recent knowledge of NFATc4 in oncogenesis and cancer prognosis

Gene NFATc4 activity Related cancer Regulation References
COX-2 Promotes Lung cancer Cell apoptosis [55, 56]
TNFα Promotes - Cell apoptosis [68]
pS2 Promotes Breast cancer Cell growth [48]
cathepsin D Promotes Breast cancer Cell growth [48]
LCN2 Represses Breast cancer Cell migration [13]
CXCR4 Promotes Ovarian cancer Tumor spheroid formation [16]
SOX9 Promotes Pancreatic cancer Cancer initiation [20]
KROX20 Activates Schwannoma Cell growth [23, 53]
P0 Promotes Schwannoma Cell growth [23, 53]