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Figure 5

From: Soluble ephrin a1 is necessary for the growth of HeLa and SK-BR3 cells

Figure 5

Localization of EFNA1 and EPHA2 in knockdown and control cells. HeLa cells were transfected with empty vector (pcDNA), shRNA1 against EFNA1 (shRNA) and the localization of EPHA2 and EFNA1 was determined. Shown are representative images. In control cells (pcDNA A and B), EFNA1 and EPHA2 colocalize on the dorsal surface of the cell and to membrane ruffles (arrows) with very little expression at cell-cell contacts. In EFNA1 knockdown cells (shRNA A1 C and D), EPHA2 was localized primarily to cell-cell contacts (arrowhead) at the peripheral membrane. Bar represents 5 μm.

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