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  1. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has a high incidence and mortality rate despite various treatment options, including 125I seed implantation. However, recurrence and radiation resistance remain challenging issues. ...

    Authors: Pan Hu, Letao Lin, Tao Huang, Zhenyu Li, Meigui Xiao, Huanqing Guo, Guanyu Chen, Dengyao Liu, Miaola Ke, Hongbo Shan, Fujun Zhang and Yanling Zhang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:308
  2. The HAND2-AS1 (HAND2 Antisense RNA 1) Long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) has emerged as a participant in the initiation of various cancer types, underscoring its pivotal involvement in both oncological processes and ...

    Authors: Pouria Samadi, Mina Shahnazari, Abolfazl Shekari, Fatemeh Maghool and Akram Jalali
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:307
  3. Lymphocyte-activation gene 3 (LAG3) is a recently discovered immune checkpoint molecule that has been linked to immunosuppression and the advancement of cancer in different types of solid tumors. This study ai...

    Authors: Rongyang Li, Jianhao Qiu, Zhan Zhang, Chenghao Qu, Zhanpeng Tang, Wenhao Yu, Yu Tian and Hui Tian
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:306
  4. High recurrence and metastasis rates and poor prognoses are the major challenges of current cancer therapy. Mounting evidence suggests that cancer stem cells (CSCs) play an important role in cancer development...

    Authors: Qiuping Liu, Zongliang Guo, Guoyin Li, Yunxia Zhang, Xiaomeng Liu, Bing Li, Jinping Wang and Xiaoyan Li
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:305
  5. Gastric cancer (GC) causes millions of cancer-related deaths due to anti-apoptosis and rapid proliferation. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying GC cell proliferation and anti-apoptosis remain unclear....

    Authors: Lei Xiao, Yang zhang, Qingqing Luo, Cao Guo, Zihua Chen and Chen Lai
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:304
  6. Glucose transporter 3 (GLUT3) plays a major role in glycolysis and glucose metabolism in cancer cells. We aimed to investigate the correlation between GLUT3 and histone lactylation modification in the occurren...

    Authors: Hao Yang, Shifeng Yang, Jixing He, Wenqiang Li, Ange Zhang, Nana Li, Guangkai Zhou and Boshi Sun
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:303
  7. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 internal tandem duplication (FLT3-ITD) mutation accounts for a large proportion of AML patients and diagnosed with poor prognosis. Although the prog...

    Authors: Xinhua Xiao, Peihong Wang, Weina Zhang, Jiayi Wang, Mansi Cai, Hua Jiang, Yingli Wu and Huizhuang Shan
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:302
  8. T lymphoma invasion and metastasis 1 (Tiam1) is a tumor related gene that specifically activates Rho-like GTPases Rac1 and plays a critical role in the progression of various malignancies. Glycolysis plays an ...

    Authors: Ying Liu, Aihua Jin, Xianglan Quan, Xionghu Shen, Houkun Zhou, Xingyu Zhao and Zhenhua Lin
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:301
  9. Glucose metabolism is associated with the development of cancers, and m6A RNA methylation regulator-related genes play vital roles in bladder urothelial carcinoma (BLCA). However, the role of m6A-related gluco...

    Authors: Guanwen Zhou, Yi Li, Xiangguo Ren, Guoliang Qin, Zhaocun Zhang, Haifeng Zhao, Lijian Gao and Xianzhou Jiang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:300
  10. Brain metastasis is a common complication among patients with lung cancer, yet the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. In this study, we aimed to investigate the pathogenesis of brain metastasis in lung cancer.

    Authors: Jung Eun Lee, Jihye Park, Eun Ju Kim, Yoon Ho Ko, Soon Auck Hong, Seung Ho Yang and Young-Ho Ahn
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:299
  11. Methyltransferase-like 3 (METTL3) is the key subunit of methyltransferase complex responsible for catalyzing N6-methyladenosine (m6A) modification on mRNA, which is the most prevalent post-transcriptional modific...

    Authors: Qingbin Liu, Jingjing Qi, Weiyang Li, Xinchen Tian, Jiaqi Zhang, Fen Liu, Xiulian Lu, Hengchang Zang, Chenqiao Liu, Changlin Ma, Yong Yu and Shulong Jiang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:298
  12. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a clonal malignant disorder which originates from a small number of leukemia-initiating cells or leukemic stem cells (LSCs)—the subpopulation that is also the root cause of rela...

    Authors: Phatchanat Klaihmon, Sudjit Luanpitpong, Xing Kang and Surapol Issaragrisil
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:297
  13. Colorectal cancer is a highly prevalent and deadly. The most common metastatic site is the liver. We performed a whole exome sequencing analysis of a series of metachronous colorectal cancer liver metastases (...

    Authors: Lucie Heczko, Viktor Hlaváč, Petr Holý, Pavel Dvořák, Václav Liška, Ondřej Vyčítal, Ondřej Fiala and Pavel Souček
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:295
  14. Triple-negative breast Cancer (TNBC) is a highly malignant cancer with unclear pathogenesis. Within the tumor microenvironment (TME), cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) vitally influence tumor onset and prog...

    Authors: Ganggang Wang, Hao Zhang, Xiaowei Shen, Wenzhi Jin, Xiaoliang Wang and Zhijie Zhou
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:294
  15. The m6a demethyltransferase ALKBH5 dynamically modulates gene expression and intracellular metabolic molecules by modifying RNA m6a in cancer cells. However, ALKBH5’s function in gastric cancer (GC) has remain...

    Authors: Chunting Chen, Ertao Zhai, Yinan Liu, Yan Qian, Risheng Zhao, Yan Ma, Jianqiu Liu, Zhixin Huang, Jianhui Chen and Shirong Cai
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:293
  16. Despite intensive developments of adoptive T cell and NK cell therapies, the efficacy against solid tumors remains elusive. Our study demonstrates that macrophage-based cell therapy could be a potent therapeut...

    Authors: Wen-Han Chuang, Evgeny Pislyagin, Liang-Yu Lin, Ekaterina Menchinskaya, Oleg Chernikov, Valery Kozhemyako, Tatiana Gorpenchenko, Igor Manzhulo, Elena Chaikina, Irina Agafonova, Alexandra Silchenko, Sergey Avilov, Valentin Stonik, Shey-Cherng Tzou, Dmitry Aminin and Yun-Ming Wang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:292
  17. Lack of Schlafen family member 11 (SLFN11) expression has been recently identified as a dominant genomic determinant of response to DNA damaging agents in numerous cancer types. Thus, several strategies aimed ...

    Authors: Christophe Michel Raynaud, Eiman I. Ahmed, Ayesha Jabeen, Apryl Sanchez, Shimaa Sherif, Tatiana C. Carneiro-Lobo, Amany Awad, Dina Awartani, Adviti Naik, Remy Thomas, Julie Decock, Gabriele Zoppoli, Davide Bedongnetti and Wouter R. L. Hendrickx
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:291
  18. The aim of this study was to explore the associations of RIPK1 polymorphisms, plasma levels and mRNA expression with susceptibility to epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) and clinical outcome.

    Authors: Xuedong Wang, Kui Deng, Jing Tao, Juan Zou, Yiting Du and Li Dai
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:290
  19. Protein tripartite motif-containing 21 (TRIM21/Ro52), an E3 ubiquitin ligase, is an essential regulator of innate immunity, and its dysregulation is closely associated with the development of autoimmune diseas...

    Authors: Chueh-Hsuan Hsu and Yung-Luen Yu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:289
  20. CircRNAs, a special type of noncoding RNAs characterized by their stable structure and unique abilities to form backsplicing loops, have recently attracted the interest of scientists. These RNAs are abundant t...

    Authors: Chunjie Huang, Pooya Esfani Sarafraz, Parisa Enayati, Elham Mortazavi Mamaghani, Emad Babakhanzadeh and Majid Nazari
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:288
  21. Osteosarcoma (OS) commonly metastasizes to the lung, yet the underlying molecular mechanisms remain poorly understood. Exosomes play a crucial role in tumor migration, including OS lung migration. However, the...

    Authors: Xinyu Chang, Qiuyu Tan, Jinwen Xu, Xu Wu, Ying Wang, Yuan Zhang, Hao Zhang, Haijun Liu and Liang Yan
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:287
  22. Chemoresistance is a major clinical challenge that leads to tumor metastasis and poor clinical outcome. The mechanisms underlying gastric cancer resistance to chemotherapy are still unclear.

    Authors: Long-Long Cao, Yu-Kai Wu, Tong-Xin Lin, Mi Lin, Yu-Jing Chen, Ling-Qian Wang, Jia-Bin Wang, Jian-Xian Lin, Jun Lu, Qi-Yue Chen, Ru-Hong Tu, Ze-Ning Huang, Ju-Li Lin, Hua-Long Zheng, Jian-Wei Xie, Ping Li…
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:286
  23. TSTA3 gene encoding GDP-l-fucose synthase has recently been proved to be closely related to the prognosis of patients with various tumors. However, its role in lung cancer is still unclear. The purpose of this st...

    Authors: Yanlin Guo, Yanlong Hao, Liuyi Shen, Yu Du, Xiaohui Wang, Lvye Gao, Xuefei Feng, Yuanfang Zhai, Zhifei Liu, Enwei Xu, Yue Yang, Yanfeng Xi, Bin Yang and Ling Zhang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:285
  24. Carcinoma of the lung is among the most common types of cancer globally. Concerning its histology, it is categorized as a non-small cell carcinoma (NSCLC) and a small cell cancer (SCLC) subtype. MicroRNAs (miR...

    Authors: Mohammad Saleh Sadeghi, Mohadeseh lotfi, Narges Soltani, Elahe Farmani, Jaime Humberto Ortiz Fernandez, Sheida Akhlaghitehrani, Safaa Hallol Mohammed, Saman Yasamineh, Hesam Ghafouri Kalajahi and Omid Gholizadeh
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:284
  25. Hsa_circ_0022383 (circ_0022383) is a newly discovered circRNA. Its functions and relevant molecular mechanisms in tumorigenesis have not been reported. Here we aimed to explore how circ_0022383 regulates the t...

    Authors: Xiaofang Xu, Binbin Song, Qiuliang Zhang, Weibo Qi and Yufen Xu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:282
  26. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell therapy has been used to treat pediatric refractory or relapsed mature B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (r/r MB-NHL) with significantly improved outcomes, but a proportion of ...

    Authors: Yang Li, Yang Liu, Keyan Yang, Ling Jin, Jing Yang, Shuang Huang, Ying Liu, Bo Hu, Rong Liu, Wei Liu, Ansheng Liu, Qinlong Zheng and Yonghong Zhang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:281
  27. Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer is a major health problem worldwide, and current diagnostic and therapeutic approaches are often inadequate. Various metallic nanoparticles (MNPs) have been widely studied for seve...

    Authors: Mohammad Roshani, Arya Rezaian-Isfahni, Mohammad Hassan Lotfalizadeh, Negar Khassafi, Mohammad Hassan Jafari Najaf Abadi and Majid Nejati
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:280
  28. Myeloid cells play an essential role in cancer metastasis. The phenotypic diversity of these cells during cancer development has attracted great interest; however, their functional heterogeneity and plasticity...

    Authors: Ansooya A. Bokil, Mathieu Le Boulvais Børkja, Camilla Wolowczyk, Apsana Lamsal, Wenche S. Prestvik, Unni Nonstad, Kristine Pettersen, Sonja B. Andersen, Anna M. Bofin, Geir Bjørkøy, Sjoerd Hak and Miriam S. Giambelluca
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:279
  29. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common cancers worldwide, with a high mortality and poor survival rate. Abnormal tumor metabolism is considered a hallmark of HCC and is a potential therapeuti...

    Authors: Dongping Li, Xiahui Lin, Jiale Li, Xinyi Liu, Feng Zhang, Wenqing Tang, Si Zhang, Ling Dong and Ruyi Xue
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:277
  30. Despite therapeutic advances, the prognosis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) remains extremely poor. Metabolic reprogramming is increasingly recognized as a key contributor to tumor progression and t...

    Authors: Yuchuan Li, Manoj Amrutkar, Anette Vefferstad Finstadsveen, Knut Tomas Dalen, Caroline S. Verbeke and Ivar P. Gladhaug
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:276
  31. Cancer-secreted exovesicles are important for cell-to-cell communication by altering cancer-related signalling pathways. Exovesicles-derived miRNAs (exomiRNAs)-target genes can be useful for diagnostic and pro...

    Authors: Antonio Altuna-Coy, Xavier Ruiz-Plazas, Verónica Arreaza-Gil, José Segarra-Tomás and Matilde R. Chacón
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:275
  32. Limited benefit population of immunotherapy makes it urgent to select effective biomarkers for screening appropriate treatment population. Herein, we have investigated the predictive values of circulating CD8+ T ...

    Authors: Jiang Liu, Degan Liu, Guangyin Hu, Jingjing Wang, Dadong Chen, Chuanjun Song, Yin Cai, Chentong Zhai and Wenjing Xu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:274
  33. Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a devastating disease that requires precise diagnosis for effective treatment. However, the diagnostic value of carbohydrate antigen 19 − 9 (CA19-9) is limited. There...

    Authors: Tiandong Li, Junfen Xia, Huan Yun, Guiying Sun, Yajing Shen, Peng Wang, Jianxiang Shi, Keyan Wang, Hongwei Yang and Hua Ye
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:273
  34. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection is a major risk factor for gastric diseases, including gastritis and gastric cancer. Heat shock protein 60 (HSP60) is a chaperone protein involved in various cellular pro...

    Authors: Yujie Li, Hui Cao, Dewen Qiu, Nan Wang, Yan Wang, Tingting Wen, Jianjun Wang and Hong Zhu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:272
  35. Recent developments in sequencing technology and analytical approaches have allowed researchers to show that the healthy gut microbiome is very varied and capable of performing a wide range of tasks. The impor...

    Authors: Fatemehsadat Mousavinasab, Ronika karimi, Sima Taheri, Fatemeh Ahmadvand, Saameh Sanaaee, Sajad Najafi, Masood Soltani Halvaii, Alireza Haghgoo, Marzieh Zamany, Jamal Majidpoor, Mina Khosravifar, Mohammad Baniasadi, Mehrdad Talebi, Abolfazl Movafagh, Seyed Mohsen Aghaei-Zarch, Nastaran Khorram…
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:271
  36. Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men worldwide. Immunotherapy is an emerging treatment modality for cancers that harnesses the immune system’s ability to elimina...

    Authors: Parisa Bakhshi, Maryam Nourizadeh, Laleh Sharifi, Mohammad M. Farajollahi and Monireh Mohsenzadegan
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:270
  37. The incidence and prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease related hepatocellular carcinoma (NAFLD-HCC) are rapidly increasing worldwide. This study aimed to identify biomarker genes for prognostic predi...

    Authors: Yuting Song, Ying Wang, Xin Geng, Xianming Wang, Huisi He, Youwen Qian, Yaping Dong, Zhecai Fan, Shuzhen Chen, Wen Wen and Hongyang Wang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:269
  38. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the foremost causes of cancer-related deaths. Lately, a close connection between the course of CRC and the intestinal microbiota has been revealed. Vitamin K2 (VK2) is a bacteria...

    Authors: Joanna Smajdor, Katarzyna Jedlińska, Radosław Porada, Anna Górska-Ratusznik, Aleksandra Policht, Małgorzata Śróttek, Grażyna Więcek, Bogusław Baś and Magdalena Strus
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:268
  39. Disulfidptosis and Ferroptosis are two novel forms of cell death. Although their mechanisms differ, research has shown that there is a relationship between the two. Investigating the connection between these t...

    Authors: Xiaoqing Ma, Zilin Deng, Zhen Li, Ting Ma, Guiqing Li, Cuijia Zhang, Wentao Zhang and Jin Chang
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:267
  40. The hypoxia-responsive long non-coding RNA, RP11-367G18.1, has recently been reported to induce histone 4 lysine 16 acetylation (H4K16Ac) through its variant 2; however, the underlying molecular mechanism remains...

    Authors: Pei-Hua Peng, Ji-Lin Chen, Heng-Hsiung Wu, Wen-Hao Yang, Li-Jie Lin, Joseph Chieh-Yu Lai, Jeng-Shou Chang, Jia-Ling Syu, Han-Tsang Wu, Fei-Ting Hsu, Wei-Chung Cheng and Kai-Wen Hsu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:266
  41. V-domain immunoglobulin suppressor of T cell activation (VISTA) is a novel negative checkpoint receptor (NCR) primarily involved in maintaining immune tolerance. It has a role in the pathogenesis of autoimmune...

    Authors: Najibeh Shekari, Dariush Shanehbandi, Tohid Kazemi, Habib Zarredar, Behzad Baradaran and Seyed Amir Jalali
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:265
  42. "Inflammatory bowel disease" (IBD) is a chronic, relapsing inflammatory disease of the intestinal tract that typically begins at a young age and might transit to colorectal cancer (CRC). In this manuscript, we...

    Authors: Zeinab Deris Zayeri, Abazar Parsi, Saeid Shahrabi, Masoud Kargar, Nader Davari and Najmaldin Saki
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:264
  43. Gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxylase 1 antisense RNA 1 (BBOX1-AS1), located on human chromosome 11 p14, emerges as a critical player in tumorigenesis with diverse oncogenic effects. Aberrant expression of BBOX1-AS1...

    Authors: Juan Hu, Jipeng Liu, Siwei Zhou and Hongliang Luo
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:263
  44. Gene status has become the focus of prognosis prediction. Furthermore, deep learning has frequently been implemented in medical imaging to diagnose, prognosticate, and evaluate treatment responses in patients ...

    Authors: Jie Peng, Lushan Xiao, Hongbo Zhu, Lijie Han and Honglian Ma
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:262
  45. There is a growing interest to understand the role and mechanism of action of microRNAs (miRNAs) in cancer. The miRNAs are defined as short non-coding RNAs (18-22nt) that regulate fundamental cellular processe...

    Authors: Ali Ameri, Hani Moslem Ahmed, Renzon Daniel Cosme Pecho, Hesamoddin Arabnozari, Hoda Sarabadani, Romina Esbati, Seyedsaber Mirabdali and Omid Yazdani
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:261
  46. Circular RNA RHOT1 (circRHOT1) plays crucial roles in tumorigenesis by competing with microRNAs. It is largely abundant in tumor cell-derived exosomes. Meanwhile, cancer-derived exosomes participate in diverse...

    Authors: Weihua Jiang, YinPing Yu, Jianghua Ou, Yongtao Li and Ning Zhu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:260
  47. Cancer cells promote glycolysis, which supports rapid cell growth and proliferation. Phosphofructokinase-fructose bisphosphatases (PFKFBs), a family of bidirectional glycolytic enzymes, play key roles in the r...

    Authors: Kai-Fang Hu, Chih-Wen Shu, Cheng-Hsin Lee, Ching-Jiunn Tseng, Yu-Hsiang Chou and Pei-Feng Liu
    Citation: Cancer Cell International 2023 23:257

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