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Call for papers: Emerging biomarkers in oncology research and practice

Emerging biomarkers in oncology research and practiceWe are pleased to announce Cancer Cell International is now accepting submissions for a thematic series on 'Emerging biomarkers in oncology research and practice'. 

Guest edited by Dr Aejaz Nasir, the series aims to cover cutting-edge developments in the field of oncology and pathology with reference to diagnostic, prognostic, predictive and pharmacodynamics biomarkers. 

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Aims and scope

Cancer Cell International publishes articles on all aspects of cancer cell biology, originating largely from, but not limited to, work using cell culture techniques.

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Y Eugene Chin, Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, China
Domenico Coppola, Moffitt Cancer Center, USA

Associate Editor spotlight

Matteo FassanMariano Bizzarri

Dr Mariano Bizzarri is Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology in the Department of Experimental Medicine at University Sapienza, Rome, and Head of the Interdepartmental Systems Biology Center (SBGLab). He is a cancer researcher with expertise in the study of Systems Biology approach in the integrative understanding of cell and tumor biology, namely by focusing on cell phenotypic transition, tumor reversion and cell-microenvironment cross-talk.

Editorial Board spotlight

Sritama NathZhenhua Zou

Dr Zhenhua Zou is a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan Medical School, where she studies epigenetic mechanisms in leukemia and retinoblastoma. She received her doctoral degree in cell biology from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. With long-term focus and interest in cancer areas, she has accumulated expertise in epigenetics, drug target discoveries, and dysfunctional metabolic and immune signaling in cancer stem cells.


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