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Figure 10

From: Chalcone-imidazolone conjugates induce apoptosis through DNA damage pathway by affecting telomeres

Figure 10

Determination of telomerase activity in chalcone-imidazolone conjugates treated MCF-7 cells. MCF-7 cells were treated with 30 μM concentration of chalcone imidazolone conjugates for 24 h and total cell lysates were subjected to telomerase specific PCR using fluorescently labeled primers of TRAPEZE XL telomerase detection kit. The telomerase activity was measured based on green fluorescence produced due to fluorescein (F). Internal control primers which are fluorescently labeled produces red colour which is represented by (R), due to sulforhodamine. Here TMAC is the starting material used for the synthesis of chalcone-imidazolone conjugates 6 and 8. CA-4, Combretastatin is positive control. Fluorescence reading due to fluorescein (F) was measured with excitation wave length of 495 nm and emission wave length of 516 nm. The fluorescence reading due to sulforhodamine (R) was measured at excitation wave length of 600 nm and emission wave length of 620 nm. The F/R ratio gives the telomerase activity. The p value for each compound was <0.001. The p value was generated by using student t-test by comparing the each compound vs control (untreated cells). Each experiment was conducted in triplicates.

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