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Figure 2

From: Chalcone-imidazolone conjugates induce apoptosis through DNA damage pathway by affecting telomeres

Figure 2

Effect of chalcone-imidazolone conjugates in causing DNA fragmentation in MCF-7 cells. MCF-7 cells were treated with compounds TMAC, CA-4, 6 and 8 at a concentration of 30 μM for a period of 24 h. The fragmented DNA was bind to antibody conjugated to FITC. The fluorescence was detected and imaged using confocal microscope. Untreated control cells, were not apoptotic and did not exhibit DNA fragmentation, where as the apoptotic cells in the compound treated condition show green coloured staining. The extent of apoptosis can be visualized by green staining and depicts the extent of DNA fragmentation. Here C denotes control untreated cells.

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