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Figure 1

From: Differences in the epigenetic regulation of MT-3 gene expression between parental and Cd+2 or As+3 transformed human urothelial cells

Figure 1

Expression of MT-3 mRNA in UROtsa parent, Cd+2 and As+3 transformed cell lines. UROtsa parent and the transformed cell lines were seeded at a 1:10 ratio in the presence of MS-275 till they reached confluency and the expression of MT-3 was determined by RT-PCR analysis. A. Real time PCR analysis of MT-3 in UROtsa parent cells. B. Real time PCR analysis of MT-3 in Cd+2 transformed UROtsa cells. C. Real time PCR analysis of MT-3 in As+3 transformed UROtsa cells. The expression of MT-3 was normalized to that of β-actin. The determinations were performed in triplicates and the results shown are the mean ± SE. * Statistically significant compared to untreated control cells. D. Ethidium bromide stained gel showing the expression of MT-3 in the UROtsa cell lines by semiquantitativePCR.

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