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Figure 5

From: Expression and shedding of endothelial protein C receptor in prostate cancer cells

Figure 5

Effects of modulation of metalloprotease activities on sEPCR release in prostate cells. Bars show the effects of metalloprotease inhibitor, 30 μM TAPI-0, and metalloprotease activator, 60 μM APMA, on shedding of EPCR in prostate cells. Released sEPCR was measured in culture medium of cells treated with and without TAPI-0 and APMA as indicated using ELISA technique. Pr, prostate epithelial cells; LN, LNCaP cells; DU, DU-145 cells; and PC, PC-3 cells, respectively. The release of sEPCR in control (without TAPI-0 and APMA treatment) was assigned as 100%. Results are the means ± SDs of analyses in triplicates and are representative of three independent experiments. * p < 0.05 versus control without TAPI-0 or APMA.

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