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Figure 8

From: Independent of ErbB1 gene copy number, EGF stimulates migration but is not associated with cell proliferation in non-small cell lung cancer

Figure 8

EGF stimulates cell migration. (A) Wound healing assay was made in both cell lines with 24 and 48 hours of recovery. The groups analyzed were: C2.5%FCS, 2.5%FCS + EGF (100ng/ml), 2.5%FCS + AG1478. Scale bars = 200 μm. (B) The graphics present frequency of wound recovery in A549 and HK2 cells. We can observe that EGF-stimulated cells closed the wound faster than control and AG1478 inhibited cells. All results are representative of three independent experiments. *p ≤ 0.05. (C) Time-lapse microscopy experiments performed with no directional stimulus for cell migration. It was quantified the velocity of 30 cells of each treatment group, considering the route of the cells during 12 h. EGF treatment stimulated cell migration in both cell lines. Bars = standard deviation.

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