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Figure 6

From: Caspase-2 is involved in cell death induction by taxanes in breast cancer cells

Figure 6

Effect of paclitaxel and SB-T-1216 on cellular distribution of caspase-2 in SK-BR-3 cells. Control cells were incubated without taxane. After 36 h of incubation with tested taxane (100 nM), the localization of caspase-2 and DNA position were detected using confocal microscopy, following staining with DAPI (DNA) and indirect immunofluorescence staining (caspase-2) with antibody against human caspase-2 (see “Materials and Methods”). The localization of caspase-2 (green), of DNA (blue) and the merge of caspase-2 and DNA within the cell are shown. The data shown were obtained in one representative experiment of two independent experiments.

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