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Table 1 Antibodies

From: Oncogenic transformation of mammary epithelial cells by transforming growth factor beta independent of mammary stem cell regulation

Antigen Cat. # Source Dilution Application
E-cadherin 610181 BD Biosciences 1:2000 WB
1:50 IF
N-cadherin 610910 BD Biosciences 1:2000 WB
β-actin 4967 Cell Signaling 1:4000 WB
ZO-1 339100 Invitrogen 1:100 IF
K5 PRB-160 Covance 1:100 IF
K8 GP11 Progen Biotechnik 1:50 IF
ER (MC20) SC545 Santa Cruz 1:200 IHC
AlexaFluor 568 conjugated phalloidin A12380 Invitrogen 1:40 IF against actin