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Table 1 Characteristics of populations and cancer types of the studies included in the meta-analysis

From: The association between hypoxia-inducible factor-1 α gene G1790A polymorphism and cancer risk: a meta-analysis of 28 case–control studies

Author Year Country Ethnicity Cancer site Case–control Gendera Soure of control Genotyping method HWE
Ribeiro AL 2013 Portugal Caucasian Breast cancer 96/74 Female HB PCR-RFLP 0.00
Alves LR 2012 Brazil Brazilian Head and neck cancer 88/40 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.69
Li P 2012 China Asian Prostate cancer 662/716 Male PB TaqMan 0.55
Mera-Menendez F 2012 Spain Caucasian Head and neck cancer 121/154 Mixed PB PCR–RFLP 0.69
Ruiz-Tovar J 2012 Spain Caucasian Pancreatic cancer 59/159 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.68
Kuo WH 2012 China Asian Lung cancer 285/300 Mixed PB PCR–RFLP 0.15
Qin C 2012 China Asian Renal cell carcinoma 620/623 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.42
Wang X 2011 China Asian Pancreatic cancer 263/271 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.49
Putra AC 2011 Japan Asian Lung cancer 83/110 Mixed PB PCR 0.65
Kim YH 2011 Korea Asian Other cancer 199/215 Female PB PCR-RFLP 0.14
Shieh TM 2010 China Asian Head and neck cancer 305/96 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.71
Hsiao PC 2010 China Asian Other cancer 102/347 Mixed HB PCR-RFLP 0.70
Chen MK 2009 China Asian Head and neck cancer 174/347 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.70
Naidu R 2009 Malaysia Asian Breast cancer 410/275 Female PB PCR-RFLP 0.90
Konac E 2009 Turkey Caucasian Lung cancer 141/156 Mixed HB PCR-RFLP 0.94
Li K 2009 China Asian Other cancer 87/106 Mixed PB PCR 0.76
Munoz-Guerra MF 2009 Spain Caucasian Head and neck cancer 74/139 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.69
Kim HO 2008 Korea Asian Breast cancer 90/102 Female PB PCR 0.06
Apaydin I 2008 Turkey Caucasian Breast cancer 102/102 Female PB PCR-RFLP 0.84
Li H 2007 USA Mixed Prostate cancer 1072/1271 Male PB PCR-RFLP 0.81
Orr-Urtreger A 2007 Israel Caucasian Prostate cancer 402/300 Male PB PCR-RFLP 0.95
Fransen K 2006 Sweden Caucasian Other cancer 198/258 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.77
Konac E-O b 2007 Turkey Caucasian Other cancer 49/107 Female PB PCR-RFLP 0.00
Konac E-C c 2007 Turkey Caucasian Other cancer 32/107 Female PB PCR-RFLP 0.00
Konac E-E d 2007 Turkey Caucasian Other cancer 21/107 Female PB PCR-RFLP 0.00
Ollerenshaw M 2004 UK Caucasian Renal cell carcinoma 160/288 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.00
Tanimoto K 2003 Japan Asian Head and neck cancer 55/110 Mixed PB PCR-RFLP 0.65
Clifford SC 2001 UK Caucasian Renal cell carcinoma 35/143 Mixed HB PCR-RFLP 0.00
  1. aMixed means samples contain both female and male; PB, public based; HB, hospital based; HWE, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; RFLP, restriction fragment length polymorphism; TaqMan, TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays.
  2. bcdThe article of Konac E provided data on three kinds of cancers (cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer), Konac E-O stands for ovarian cancer; Konac E-C stands for cervical cancer; Konac E-E stands for endometrial cancer.