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Table 2 Correlation between DNA repair gene expression determined by cDNA microarray assay and RT-PCR.

From: Responses of genes involved in cell cycle control to diverse DNA damaging chemicals in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells

Treatment Correlation Coefficient
6 h 24 h
DMSO 0.75 0.70
ETOP 0.76 0.80
BaP 0.69 0.79
CLP 0.62  
PHIP 0.71 0.77
  1. The expression of 9 genes, including APEX (M80261), ATM (U26455), Pol-beta (D29013), c-fos (V01512), Gadd45 (M60974), RAP1 (M63488), TPA (M15518), XRCC1 (NM 00639) and XRCC2 (Y08837) were analyzed using real-time quantitative RT-PCR, and the results were compared with that derived from DNA microarray assay.