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Table 1 Published human clinical trials comparing outcomes following isolation of stem cells from bone marrow vs peripheral blood.

From: Role of stem cells in cancer therapy and cancer stem cells: a review

Authors Type of cancer No. of pats RCT/CT Conclusion
Storek et al [42] Haematological malignancies 140 RCT PBSC yields higher lymphocyte subset counts and is associated with fewer infections
Hernandez et al [43] Haematological malignancies 12 RCT No significant difference in T, B and NK lymphoid cells reconstitution but PBSC influence faster reconstitution of cytotoxic subsets (CD8+/HLADR+ and NK lymphoid cells)
Talmadge et al [18] Intermediate and high grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 116 RCT The CD4:CD8 and CD45RA:CD45RO ratios were higher in the PBSC group. Accelerated reconstitution of NK cell activity following PBSC compared to BM.
Oehler et al [115] Chronic myeloid leukaemia 72 CT No statistically significant difference in acute or chronic GVHD, OS and disease free survival.
Heldal et al [116] Haematological malignancies 61 CT Statistically significant enhanced graft versus leukemia effect in allo PBSC group
Couban et al [41] Haematological malignancies 228 RCT Faster haematological recovery and improved survival in PBSC but no difference in GVHD
Nucci et al [117] Haematological malignancies 56 RCT Shorter duration of neutropenia in PBSC group but higher incidence of extensive chronic GVHD
Powles et al [118] Haematological malignancies 39 RCT Faster haematopoietic and immune recovery in PBSC and no difference in GVHDand OS
Mahmoud et al [119] Haematological malignancies 30 RCT Faster haematopoietic reconstitution in PBSC group with no difference in GVHD
  1. Keys: RCT – Randomised Control Trial, CT – Controlled Trial, PBSC – Peripheral Blood Stem Cells, NK – Natural Killer, CD8, CD4, CD45RA & CD45RO – Different types of T Cells, HLA – Human Leucocyte Antigen, GVHD – Graft Vs Host Disease, OS – Overall Survival, Pats – Patients, No – Number.