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Archived Comments for: S100A4 overexpression proves to be independent marker for breast cancer progression

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  1. correction

    nawfal ismail, IPPT / USM

    23 September 2008

    After publication of this study. We lately discovered that due to an inadvertent and accidental mistake, our Primary research needs some important corrections; we profusely regret and offer our sincerest apologies and correct the text as under.

    1-in the Abstract:

    Tissue microarray containing malignant and normal breast tissues from 207 patients

    2- in the Background :

    The majority of invasive breast cancer arises from the epithelium of lobules and ducts of the glands (8-21)

    3- in the Methods :

    Fifty sex tissue cores were excluded from statistics because very little cancer cells or no breast cancer tissue were seen. The total number after exclusion was 244 tissue cores (37 matched tissues) of 207 patients.

    4-in the References :

    Change the reference number one with this reference:

    Victor G. Vogel. Breast cancer prevention: A review of current evidences. CA Cancer J Clin 2000: 50; 156-170.

    Competing interests

    None declared