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Figure 4

From: Astrocytoma-associated antigens - IL13Rα2, Fra-1, and EphA2 as potential markers to monitor the status of tumour-derived cell cultures in vitro

Figure 4

Analysis of IL13Rα2, Fra-1, and EphA2 expression in astrocytoma-derived cell cultures at the mRNA level. Results of real-time PCR (means ± SD) demonstrated two patterns of of AAA expression during particular stages of cell culture - a gradual increase of the AAA mRNA levels for G108 and G114 (a) and transient decrease of the AAA expression in the first step of culture (1-2 months) for G111, G112, and G113 samples (b). U87MG was used as positive control. BT = normal brain tissue; G108T-G114T = initial tumour samples.

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