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Figure 2

From: Aged garlic extract protects against oxidative stress and renal changes in cisplatin-treated adult male rats

Figure 2

Effects of cisplatin (CP) and/ or aged garlic extract (AGE) treatment on kidney biomarkers of rats. (A) shows serum creatinine level. Parameters of serum uric acid are listed in (B). Values of serum BUN are listed in (C). Serum urea levels are shown in (D). Data are expressed as Mean ± SEM (n = 6). a: Significant difference Vs. control group at P.< 0.001. b: Significant difference Vs. cisplatin-treated group at P. < 0.001. BUN: blood urea nitrogen. AGE: aged garlic extract. b*: P. < 0.005; b**: P. < 0.05.

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