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Figure 2

From: Anti-tumor effect of a novel PI3-kinase inhibitor, SF1126, in 12 V-Ha-Ras transgenic mouse glioma model

Figure 2

SF1126 and LY294002 inhibit in vitro PI3-kinase activity in cell free system. Effects of SF1126 and LY294002 on the enzymatic activity of PI3-kinase was determined in a cell free system by measuring the amount of unused ATP (free ATP remaining in the reaction mixture) following the kinase reaction (for 30 minutes) using Kinase-Glo Luminescent assay kit according to the manufacturer’s protocol. Bars are the mean ± SD of relative light unit (RLU) readings (in triplicates) representing of the amount of free ATP in the respective reaction mixtures. *P < 0.05. Experiment was repeated thrice.

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